Branson Anniversary-what my wife and I will do for our 10 year

My wife and I have been together for 14 years, and this year married for 10. And we are excited. Of all the crazy things, we are not able to go back to Chicago, so Chicago has come to us. At least part way anyway. In 2007 on April 14th, my wife and I rode this amazing Ferris wheel. And it just so happens it’s been stalking us. That’s right, it has been moved to Branson. Last year, the tracks family fun parks, brought the very same Ferris Wheel from Navy peer brought it here, and rebuilt it. So on our Grand 10 year Anniversary we will ride it again. We’ve had other opportunities to ride it you see, but we’re waiting on that special day.

What Hotel would we stay at, if we did’t live in Branson? Stone Castle Hotel & Resort-spacious rooms, Themed Suits, a jacuzzi Hot tub in each of their great pool areas. All inside corridor and a phenomenal breakfast. We also might catch a movie at the Imax, or do some aggressive retailing at the Tanger Mall or the Landing.

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