Maximize Back to school savings in Branson, Mo-discounts,tax free weekend & More!

Maximize Back to School Savings with Tax free weekend & More!

Sometime there is a fire in them there hills. And here in Branson it’s tax free weekend. (Friday Aug 4th=Friday Aug 6th) There are several ways to maximize your savings. Many online & Brick and mortar stores are having sales. So put these special tools in your tool belt, and come to Branson and grab a vaction & savings.

1)Target-if target is your game there are several things you can do to maximize savings. For one the Target Red card, it saves you an additional 5% on your purchases and you can use it tax free weekend. Also there add comes out every Sunday so get that too. Also you’ll save tax as well on any school oriented purchases.

2)Walmart-is also another maverick involved in Back to school extravaganzas and it’s online add is worth a look before you come to town. It’s not as glamorous as target, but worth the time.

3)Tanger Mall-At Tanger it’s about the stores. So much variety for any back to school ensemble, this is a must stop. Sketchers, Nike,Polo,Oshkosh, Vitamin world and one and on. Vitamin world was a joke bTW. So much to do and so little time.

There is more to come in the part two of this story. thanks for reading.


Branson Discounts from A-z From Dixie Stampede to SDC (Silver Dollar City)

Branson Discounts from A-z From Dixie Stampede to SDC (Silver Dollar City)

There are more discounts than you can shake a stick at in Branson. With a little bit of work and a lot of persistence you can find a way. I’ve written several blogs on SDC discounts, and the half price book, so it is worth a look.

1)Dixie Stampede-there is a $2.00 discount that most hotels will have on hand. And this gets you two bucks off of each ticket That’s about all I’ve seen next to doing a timeshare tour. Don’t do them, use the $2.00’s off.

2)theater shows-A lot of shows participate in the two for one ticket program, and most F.I.T.’s have a discounted price less than the theaters. It might be worth your time to give them a call and compare their prices to the box office.

3)SDC-I wrote an article on this one.There are about 5 ways to get discounts to SDC. So have a read.

4)Food-the half price guide is worth buying I think it’s around $20 dollars and you can get them in most places around town. There are tons of food discounts from Andy’s to Landrys.

Branson Landing

Little known secrets to getting discounts at Silver Dollar City

Little Known  Secrets to getting discounts at Silver Dollar City

I was surprised when I found this today. But it looks like SDC gives some pretty good discounts at the park if you bring six or more people That’s right, and when you multiply what you could save between meals, drinks, souvineers, and meals at the park this is pretty good.

Here’s the post

Silver Dollar City® In-Park Benefits: $5 OFF full-price, one-day tickets for up to 6 guests (ages 4-61) visiting with you at Silver Dollar City (excludes April 1). SAVE 10% on meals over $5 for you and up to 6 guests visiting with you at Silver Dollar City (not valid on concessions or premium dining experiences).

For more discounts, crazy coupons, and ways to save, keep it local, keep it here at

Springfield Woman towed Kids in Little Red Wagon behind her car

Springfield Woman towed kids in Little Red Wagon behind her car

This was an interesting read, to see that this kind of stuff still goes on. The link below provides video of the news cast as well. The lady didn’t seem to think she did anything wrong at all. The Police chalk it up to bad judgement.

whatever Happened to this sleeping Giant in Branson, Mo-Red Roof Mall

Whatever Happened to this sleeping Giant in Branson, Mo?

Sometimes it becomes an all to real scenario. One of your favorite shops goes out of business, or in this case a whole shopping mall.  Branson does Titanic size business, so sometimes Titanic size closings happen as well.  In it’s heyday this was an amazing place. Boasting over 100 stores, with layer upon layer, of retail magnificence, the red roof mall was…… well amazing. But sometimes new owners come, and the direction changes. And that’s exactly what happened here. So this place sat dormant for several years, until recently. When Ballparks of America agreed to come in and give it a go. And they’ve done a nice job renovating, and piecing together this sleeping Giant, into a napping Ogre. So when the Ballparks opens for the season it might be worth a look to stop by, and give it a gander, Branson style!

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The Most Amazing Places to get Married in Branson, Mo

This has been a fun article to write on the Top 5 Places to get married in Branson.  And that time of year is coming up. And the Ozarks is just the place to do it. Get married (hitched) as they would say in certain parts of Arkansas or Missouri. From Beautiful Ozark Mountains, to rolling hills, to incredible skylines, Branson and the Ozarks can’t be beat. Here is a top ten list of exotic places to get married.

The Most  Amazing Places to get Married in Branson, mo-Make your wedding great!

1)Big Cedar-is an amazing place to get married. And has really used the lay of the Land well to accomodate all kinds of travellers. They entertain guests well, in a certain type Mountain luxery. Worth a look if your bringing a once in a lifetime event to Branson. Located on highway 86, this is just a short trip away from all things Branosn.

2)Chateau on the Lake-An Awesome place that hosts the 4th of July fireworks every year. The decor inside is amazing, and they are no strangers to hosting incredible events. With very large spacious meeting rooms, with a nice touch of elegance. The Hotel itself can handle all of your rooms for the wedding party, and has a nice Restaurant to boot. Worth checking out.

3)The Hilton Downtown-The downtown area near the landing has two Hiltons. One on the promenade and then the high Rise. With everything from Valley parking for your guests, to a Starbucks right across the street. Very large spacious meeting rooms from the convention center side, to escalators to help you avoid all of those stairs.

4)The Raddison-This is a great place, centrally located in Branson. Surrounded by so much to see and do, it is hard to imagine. A restaurant on site, large spacious meeting rooms and so much more.

5) Log Chapel of the Ozarks-located just north of Branson in a heavily wooded area, this economical opportunity is worth checking out.

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