Day #5 Of our Christmas Spectacular “Branson Landing”

Day #5 Branson Landing

The time to hit the landing is at night, as the lights begin to shine. The fountain seen is not to be missed, on the top ten Christmas lights displays in Branson. The look over the water, is just breathtaking, and that’s just the appetizer. Once they start the fountain up, and play a little bit of Christmas music, the party really get’s started. So day #5 is all about celebrating at this wonderful place.

Things to do while there-Grab a coffee, or hot chocalate. Eat at Cantina Laredo, or one of their other fabulous restuarants. They have a great sub shop there, that is not to be missed as well. Where they sautee the onions mix them with cheese and throw them on the bun. Too many shops to list to get that XMAS shopping out of the way. So dig in and go NOW!

Day #4 of our Christmas Extravaganze “The Grand Village”



The Grand Village is a must to check out.

Located on highway 76, just West of the Grand Palace, it is loaded with Christmas fun.


“Kringles” is the top Christmas store in the area and is worth checking out. Lots of light, Christmas decor, Coffee, Cocoa, and more. This is the Christmas wonderland. A lot of the shops have a Dickens feel to them, and it’s located next to so much. And Mel’s Hard Luck diner is a great place to eat. See us tomorrow for Day#5.

Day#3-Where to see those amazing Christmas lights in Branson

Where to see those amazing Christmas lights in Branson.

1)SDC-Over 6Million Christmas lights. So dress warm, and prepare to ride the train and see some of those amazing lights.

2)Promised land zoo-as mentioned yesterday this is worth the tour. check out Day#2 for more info.

3)Shepherd of the hills-is still up and kicking so give it a whirl and check out that zipline.

4)Highway 76 is amazingly decorated, so everywhere you drive they are on display.

5)The Brnason Landing-the landing is great to enjoy a hot cocoa, or coffee, and see the Million Dollar fountian.

So there you have it five great places to see Christmas lights.

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