The Homeless of Highway 76 Branson, Mo

The Homeless o Highway 76

There is so much, going on, on Highway 76, you wouldn’t believe that there are Homeless people moving back and forth. As 76 is a place of lights, and stars, and movers. But daily as I drive into Branson, I see them, and I see them working hard. Walking from their jobs, carrying humongous back packs, and breaking there backs to get to their temporary housing. And I feel for them. And I’m glad to know that there are places they can go, and things that can help them. Often I go work out at First Baptist Church, and see them. FBC has a donation program, for the Homeless there. And often help these people of the streets. Between the downtown area, and the start of 76’s beginning, they often walk, as it’s a good area for economical transitionary Housing,

And sometimes it’s over 100 degrees out, as they go from place to place. I think the no panhandeling ordinance has slowed them down a bit, but I still see them around town. With a collection plate or two. Most live in the hotels in town, to make travel easier with out a car. So next time you see one or two, feel free to lend a hand, they could probably use one or two.

5 ways to save on your Restaurant Bill in Branson, mo


 Ways to Save on your Restaurant bill in Branson, mo

We are excited to have our tourists, and families in town keeping Branson great. I just wanted to include some ways to save on the food bill while you are in Branson.

1)Kids eat free at a lot of Restuarants. Qdoba on the landing, kids meals are free on Saturday and Sunday. So it’s worth a look to see which restaurants offer this item, and which don’t. But for some families this could range in the $15-$20 range.

2) Continental Breakfast-most Hotels offer some kind of breakfast depending on the price point of the room. If the room is in the $60 range, they offer some kind of Breakfast in the morning. Holiday Inn, Comfort Inn, Honeysuckle Inn, are all properties that have a great breakast.

3)The Branson Half Price card-the book and card run about $20 bucks and has all kinds of discount to Restaurants all over town. This is worth picking up and will pay for itself as you use it, and then some.

4)The icebox in the room-with that handy icebox you can store snacks and food leftovers, in it that might create a meal while the kids are playing at the pool or the night. Don’t miss out on this savings.

5)Price Chopper-located right in the heart of town, has all kinds of takeout these days, from Sushi to Salad. Take out can severely reduce your food bill.

5 Ways to get discounts to Silver Dollar City

5 Ways to get Discounts to Silver Dollar City

There are many ways to Save on SDC tickets. And they are all secrets. SDC is a pillar of attraction in our community, and at times hosts over 30,000 visitors in our community. So much to do, in so little time, this is worth a look.

1)Check with Country Mart, there is a certain day of the week they offer discount SDC tickets. Country Mart has several locations, the one I would suggest, is the one on 248 to start. I believe the day is Tuesday, but you do have to be present in the store to buy them.

2)Your Mcdonald’s receipt-that’s right on the back of that, they over a $5.00 off per tickets. Don’t just throw that receipt away next time.

3)Two day pass-there is a two days for the price of one pass, that you can get where you come in after 3:00 and they let you in the next day as well.

4)Price Cutter offers a deal on SDC tickets, and I believe they are located in Springfield, might be some info on there website.

5)State Employees get a Discount at the City, the state website has all kinds of info on how to do this.

So that’s it so far, check out our site for more info.

Discount Silver Dollar City tickets

Silver dollar city tickets 2 for 1

Silver dollar city tickets two for one

Free Silver Dollar City tickets


Rock Stars from Missouri you would of Never known

Rock Stars from Missouri you would of Never Known

With the passing of Chuck Berry, I think it’s appropriate to write a story about Rock Stars from Missouri. Here is our list, that is sure to surprise you. 

1)Chuck Berry-the master of the Johnny B Goode Style of guitar, he passed just a little while ago, who would of thought that he was from Missouri. He was from St. Louis

2)Michael Mcdonald

3)Sheryl Crow I went to a John Mayer show one time in St. Louis, and Sheryl Crow was given the headlining spot, even though John Mayer was the bigger artist. I guess she was from St. Louis as well. 

4)David Cook-the American Idol Winner  He hails from Blue Springs, mo. 

5)Ozark Mountain Daredevils I often hear about these guys around here in Branson. And I’ve heard they have played Lampee many of times. 

6)Missouri The Band-no need to describe here. 

7) Cavo

8)Puddle of Mudd-Kansas City area -this was a great band back in the day, so they deserve an awesome shout out for being from Missouri.

When the Curtains Fell for these stars in Branson, Mo

When the Curtains fell for these stars in Branson, mo

If you had one place to die in this world, why wouldn’t you choose Branson. Well, these country music legends all played their last full show in Branson, Mo or had theaters. Some passed during the boom years, and some did a twenty year stint here. This is my list and I’m sticking to it. lol! 

1} BoxCar Willie-he is number 1 in my book. He went out like no one else. Box had a theater here,on the majestic strip, and when he passed they closed 76 down. Yep! closed it down. A hearse containing Box’s body, crawled all the way down all 7 miles of that strip to Highway 65. I had never seen anything like this in my life. I thought it was an incredible salute to a great man. Who helped promote Branson in the 70’s long before it was anything and everything.

 2)Andy Williams-did a lot for the sport that is Branson now. Also owned a theater on 76, and worked hard for over 20 years to promote this town, and has also been a doorway for other acts, such as the Osmonds. ( He always owned the Mcguffy’s building right next to his theater and leased that out to them for 15 or so years. Until he took it back over and created,The Andy Williams Moon river Grill. His Mama’s pot pie was to die for. 

 3)Waylon Jennings-played the Lowe’s theater across from Roy Clarks on and off for a few years in the early 90’s before dying. I used to see his billboard and new he was a Country Music legend. His shows did Ok, but while Branson was just becoming a brand, his career was winding down.

 4)Roger Miller-he passed sometime after his run in Branson. But he did some amazing shows. Telling stories about characters he’d know in the industry and did some comedy himself. Very nice to everyone and humble.

 5)Number five has got to take the cake. This crooner, played a lot of shows, as he was quite a traveler around the three states doing shows. Conway Twitty (twenty) died on his tour bus in between shows, I believe of a heart attack. For some reason this always struck me kind of weird as I had met in a couple of times. Check out my other blogs by clicking the arrow at the top of the page!

6)For more stars who didn’t make it click here!

Free Things for Kids to do in Branson, mo

Free things for Kids to do in Branson, mo

There is an endless supply of things for Kids to do in Branson Missouri. That are also Free, that’s right, there are so many free things I can’t even list them all. Also a lot of Restaurants offer a free kids meal, with a paid adult meal, how about that. So if you haven’t seen the 7 places to eat free with Kids you can check that out, right here.

1)Table Rock Lake-so much to see just right here. It is a playground of sunshine, water, and excitement. A must see with the kids, that could last about half a day. A park, hiking, a beach and all these crazy things for Kids to do.

2)Moonshine beach-the charge is for the carload which could include all your kids, and the Hubby. So that isn’t much considering how much fun you will have!

3)Dewey Short Visitor’s center-still at Table Rock Lake, this place is worth Checking out. Kids love this place and it’s right next to a walking path, where you can see the Showboat Branson Bell or Ride the ducks set sail!

4)The Landing-An all day thing filled with walking, Restaurants, A balloon making clown, and so much more!

5)Downtown Branson-Shops,food, and Dick’s five and dime. Worth a once through just to ride the trolley.

6)Downtown Trolley-free to ride, this trolly spans all of downtown and even the Landing. A must do!

7)Stockstill Park-a walking trail, a playground, softball, Small climbing rocks, about the quarter of an afternoon.

8)College of the Ozarks-a Fruitcake factory, a Pond, lots and lots of walking. At least half of the day right there.

9)SDC-if you pay for anything, SDC is the one. A day, or a day and a half of great things for kids to do. A must see!

Free things for Kids to do Things for kids to do in Branson, mo Places for Kids in Branson, mo Kids in Branson, mo



Ghost Properties of Branson, mo

Ghost Properties of Branson, mo

This would be a great article if Halloween was coming up. Maybe we will do this one then as well. Having lived here a while as I always say, I’ve had the opportunity to see things come, go, and rebuild again. So this list has a vast array of transitional experiences, that have come to Branson, closed down, and become something else.

Property                                       Morph to                                 Status

1.Mutton Hollow                   Celebration City                 Closed

Mutton Hollow was great. It really highlighted more of a BlueGrass country feel. It was later sold, built upon and became Celebration City.

2.Melody Lane Inn              Longhorns Steakhouse        Not  Open Yet

The last thing to be torn down after the storm of 2012 was the main office part, and this is where the construction is still going over at 2821 W Highway 76 and soon to be completed.

3. The Grand Palace          The Grand Palace                 Not yet open

You’ve got to give it to the Grand Palace. After many struggles it is still in the process of being open again. And they are working, we shall see what the Grand Lady will become.

4. Ben’s Wishing Well        Torn down                            Nothing open yet

Right on the corner across from Prestley’s this is a prime piece of real estate, and is being cleared and rebuilt for something. Something will be there soon.

5.Georgetown Inn             Parking lot for Ferris wheel   Open

In it’s last stages Georgetown had become an extended stay Hotel and is now a parking lot for the Ferris Wheel.

6.Gaslighter/Cruizin Country    Jesus was Homeless    Almost

Hosted the platters, Cruzin Country, and Road to Rock. Now under construction for Jesus was Homeless.

7.Down Under              Dick Clark/Legends                         Open

The Down Under was a great Bar back in the day, and is now Dick Clark Legends and has been doing great.

Whatever Happened to the Rowdy Beaver?

Whatever Happened to the Rowdy Beaver?

As Part of our “What ever Happened Series……” we bring you the Rowdy Beaver. A few weeks ago I was on a very cool camping trip. I was driving through a nearby town searching for some good coffee, and I saw something really peculiar. The Rowdy Beaver. Apparently there were two of them. What town was I in, Cassville, mo. I took a picture of it, so maybe I will add it onto this blog. But to say the least I was very surprised, and thought I would write a blog about it. The Rowdy Beaver had it all, great entertainment, great food, and a great atmosphere. It sprang to popularity here very fast, and I think at one time even offered breakfast to the Ramada right next to it. It was really the most happening place to go at that time, to have any kind of night life. A friend of mine used to call me very late at night, and say hey ” I’m at the Beaver come on down!” I couldn’t at the time due to family obligations, but sure wish I would of came. The cool thing about the Beaver is they would have entertainment from all over come in and play, so it was a good variety. I heard around town that one day they just closed down. And it could of been a whole number of things, the place that is there now is awesome and has great food.

Here’s the next story in our Whatever happened series

The Most Exciting Amusement Ride coming to Branson,Mo

The Most Exciting Amusement Ride coming to Branson, Mo 

I’m very excited about this new ride coming to Branson. It’s also good to know they are building multiple attractions, in their complex.

It’s located across from the Toy Museum down the street from Lodge of the Ozarks. And it looks amazing. Looks like the main attraction BigFoot will be up and running soon. It’s already up, they are just putting the finishing touches on it as we speak. Can’t wait to see this place going. It’s going to be one of the tallest attractions in this fair city.


Have the doors closed permanently at Shepherd of the Hills?

Another Branson Giant is closing down!

Another Branson Giant is closing down!

I love to see things thrive. You might not think so from some of my articles, but I love my town. And unfortunately Staples is moving out of town. The Manager assured me that the Springfield store might be staying open, but we shall see. They have a clearance section in the front of the store, that sells all the stuff they don’t want to take with them. And some of the floor items, have been clearanced out towards the left of the store. Generally about $40 off or more, from printers, to scanners, and Fax machine. Also they have a lot of lamps on sale as well. If you didn’t read the Kmart closing article I’ll post that link at the bottom of the page.

Branson KMART closing blowout sale-and how much you can save now!