Unbelievable Plane Crashes of Branson mo

Unbelievable Plane Crashes of Branson, mo

I know, I know, this guy over at Bransonisfun.com has gone off of the deep end. And he is just  a tad out of line, but these plane wrecks are all true, and sad at the same time. And were very shocking to say the least when they did happen. Branson is a town of about 6,000 so this many plane wrecks is odd, and unfortunate that people passed away.  But believe it or not they did. Here is a breakdown of what and why they happened.

1)03/21/2006 Self Storage facility n 76-Four people passed when a plane crashed into a storage facility off of Highway 76, the fuel tanks were filled just before take off, and made erratic movements in the air after it took off. The plane took off from a local airport and was headed to Lubbock, Texas.

2)Dec 10th, 1999-A small plane crashed near C of O and six people passed away due to this crash. It was a small twin engine plane, which was a Cessna Citation the school owned. The plane clipped some trees on it’s return to the campus, and this caused it to crash

3)06/15/2016-A Branson Business owner passed when his plane went down in Cuba, mo as he took off from the Branson west airport.

4) Small Cessna landing on Highway 65-A friend of mine was flying often in the early 2000 and would rent time to people who wanted to learn how to fly. One day he was up flying and started to have engine trouble and ended up having to land his plane on Highway 65. Crazy unexplained situations to say the least.

Condemned & Haunted Hotels of Branson, Mo-Watch out, you may have stayed at one

Condemned & Haunted Hotels of Branson, Mo-Watch out, you may have stayed at one!

Branson has been around for a while now, so after a few years, of entertaining Millions and Millions of people, your bound to get a few properties in disarray and maybe even a little Haunted.

#1-Melody Lane inn– a property I’ve been very partial too, this one was a little bit of everything. Haunted and condemned. After the 2012 Tornado, 2.3 Million dollars in damage was done. Doors were blown off of hinges,roofs tossed away and Ghosts upheavled. At least after the storm it wasn’t haunted anymore. At one point we had a couple of Homless people living in the motel.

#2-Fiddlers Inn-knocked down and condemned due to meth amphetamine production, this was a unique property. Allegedly the management crew at the time was renting rooms, and selling meth. The city had it knocked down.

#3 Georgetown inn-right next to Ruby Tuesday’s this was a great little property, that fit snuggly on the lot it was built on. In it’s latter phase it was an extended stay extravaganza. Eventually having no rooms left to rent, from robbing Peter to pay Paul it was knocked down.

#4 Branson royal-What’s in a name, wow. Anyway, this was at the front of 76 when you come right into town. Luckily it was saved and renovated, but being an indoor property, it hosted many ghosts. In it’s last pre renovation existence it was on it’s last legs.

#5 the Thunderbird inn-Located near the Baldknobbers on that side of town,this gem was a piece of Branson History. It had the look and feel of Branson’s country music heyday.

#6-Ria Motor Inn-hit by the storm of 2012 this was a mix of extended stay opulence and regular tourists.

#7-Dogwood Inn-this was originally a Holiday Inn back in the 80’s and even hosted the Gary Smalley marriage seminars that were seen on TV in the early 90’s. A very cool place but was closed for a while back in the day.

#8  Blue Bayou moter inn-this was quite a place as well, and a great symbol of Branson’s yesteryear, it was in it’s last phase before the 2012 Tornado took it on to rest.

#9 Silver Fountain Inn-located next to Dixie Stampede, this was just bought torn down and Fritz adventure now sits where this was

More crazy stories to come!

Leave your comment below of your favorite hotels from yester year!

Chris Cornell of Soundgarden fame found dead at 52

Chris Cornell of Soundgarden fame found dead at 52

I am sorry to report that Chris Cornell was found dead in his hotel room after his concert in Detroit after his concert last night. He rose to fame in the Seattle Limelight, with bands like Temple of the Dog, Soundgarden, and Audio slave. He also was quite a songwriter and had a multi octave voice range. All the news isn’t in yet, but as more comes in I will post it right here. Please leave your favorite Chris Cornell song in the comments. R.I.P. Chris Cornell.

People article down below

Chris Cornell’s Cause of Death Ruled as Suicide by Hanging: Medical Examiner

Ozarks and the Illuminati

Ozarks and the Illuminati

I wanted to have my facts strait , before I posted this article. And articles based on speculation, aren’t articles, they are opinions.  And there are a lot of facts here that can be presented. We now have several pillars to base this article on, so I knew it would be fun writing and researching this  one.   3 good questions to get you thnking?

1)Is there a 72,000 square foot residence that was built near  here, that was zoned as a single family residence, that is largest enough to be  a Government facility, and has underground tunnels?

Yes Pensmore mansion off of Highway 65 near Ozark

2)How many banks  have been built in Branson and surrounding areas have sprung up in recent years?  1 bank for every 52 people or so.

3)Do we have facilities big enough to take care of populations underground near here?

Yes  near Springfield

So let dig into what we know are the facts and leave the speculation for  the opinionators.

1)Pensmore mansion is a house that was built North of Branson near ozark, that is huge,  by a  Government  contractor, Steven T. Huff  to show, so they say the impenatrability  of it’s construction. It’s listed as a single family dwelling, but is 72,000 square feet. A Little Large for just one family. They did this so that a public hearing was not required to erect the dwelling. And it worked. The nickname for this place is Illuminati Ozarks Mansion.  Hmmm

2)Banks-Tons of Banks have been built in recent years, and are all over the place here, and in parts of  Arkansas. Per chance they are here, because they believe this is a growing market, but one bank per 52 people is kind of extreme. 52 people could not keep a bank open, and doing there research, the bank would have seen this, but built multiple banks anyway. Strange!

3)Underground facilities-there are a ton of underground facilities housing, groceries, offices, and so much more, around the Springfield area, and yet no one has heard of them. Kind of strange, but no one seems to take notice. I think what scares us the most, is when something is so large, it’s almost impossible to really put a discernible, it’s hard to put a definition of it. And this place is large, dim and you could lose track of time. Perfect for housing large amounts of people. This complex is compared to an underground city at times.

Things for Moms to do today in Branson, Mo

Things for Moms  to do today in Branson, mo

There is so much for Mom today, I don’t even know where to begin. Lunch is the first option, Olive Garden on the strip comes to mind, as well as Florentinas, Pasghetti’s and beyond. Olive Garden will be very busy, so hit up Florentinas orPasghetti’s.

Next Mom could take in some shopping at Tanger of the Branson Landing or  even some of the smaller Mom’s.

  1.  Branson Landing has a new coffee shop, and ice cream parolor that is knocking it down. 
  2. Tanger has several new stores Mom  might want to see so check that out. 

For the evening you could take  Mom to a show, or a  movie, or something that she would find wildly entertaining and  eat at Landry’s or  Cantina Loredo. These are just a few ideas, to get you started.

What do the Branson Landing fountains look like undressed, Not for the faint of heart

Branson Landing

What the Branson Landing Fountains look like undressed, not for the faint of heart

If you can’t tell I’m a huge fan of the Branson landing. I run there, walk there, eat there, and just have a  blast. So I thought it was interesting after all the flooding ,  that I found the fountains in the shape they are in. A rebuilding phase. And I knew there were some  photo opportunities to be had.  I’m sure many of you out there have probably never seen  inside the Million Dollar  Fountains it was like nothing I had ever seen. So here we go.

This is the complete inside where all the magic happens at the fountain. As soon  as the water drains, and they fix  these steal contraptions  this will be good to go!

Whats going on at the Grand Palace in 2017?

What’s going on at the Grand Palace in 2017?

I drive by this sleeping Giant everyday, and I wonder what is going on. They say they have new investors and that they are moving forward. The grounds look good, and are well kept. And changes do abound, but things just seem slow. Above is an old brochure from the Grand Lady from the old days. Some of the stars listed have long since passed. They have a website listed on their reader board, but it’s just an opt in for an email list. And that they are taking inquiries or updates, so we shall see what the future holds for the Grand Palace.

What will Shepherd of the Hills do now?

What will the Shepherd of the Hills do now?

From the info I have picked up, there are several investors looking at the  Zipline,Inspiration tower,the show and much more. One investor it seems is interested in the land, as where the other is interested in  the multi plex and brand. Here at Bransonisfun.com we are hoping for the best for this historic show that has been around for 57 years, and as good as it is, will land on it’s feet just fine . This seems to be a year of challenges for shows this year, as the Baldknobbers had to move theaters as well, after a long run at their theater.