Great video of the Branson Landing at night

Great video of the Branson Landing at night

So my wife and I got a great night in at the Branson Landing last night. We got to stay on the 9th floor overlooking the landing. It was amazing, two room suite. So I took some great video of the Branson landing as the sun set and rose. Amazing stuff.

Video#2 features the sun coming up.


What the Demo at the Grand Palace could mean to Branson

What the Demo at the Grand Palace could mean to Branson

I’m a big fan of Branson as everyone knows, and I just love the Grand Palace. That’s why I was surprised to see such a large demo permit issued for the Grand Palace. Yes she is an old building, and has had some damage. But what does a $400,000 dollar demo mean for the Grand Lady. Let’s list some of her benefits.

*She is the center of 76

*Huge history for the City

*Magnificent to look at

*Is still sustainable to host big venues

These are some of the benefits of Keeping the Grand Palace in tact. There are over 4000 seats currently in the palace, but I fear they will be removed in this demo. Please post your comments below of what you think will happen to the Grand Lady. And sign up for my email list for more Branson and Grand Palace news.

Restaurants near Silver dollar City

Restaurants near Silver Dollar City

There are a ton of great eats near Silver Dollar City, whether you are coming in from the High road or 76 Central. Branson West also has a host of great new Restuarants as well, that you can enjoy.

1)Best Western West Hotel-has a new spot inside the hotel right next to SDC. And is worth a try if you need something quick.

2)Shepherd of the Hills expressway has several restaurants, and is the last big turn before SDC

Taco Bell,Red Lobster,Imax Entertainment all great locations to grab a quick bite. 

3)Taco Bell Branson West-a quick grab and go, a little farther down from Best Western West, and SDC but worth a look.

4)Branson West-El Lago,Taco Bell, Tequillas, and Pizza by the chef. All are quick and will help out in a pinch. 

Changes at the Grand Palace, what this means

Changes at the Grand Palace, what this means. 

Last week a building permit or demo permit rather, was issued for our Grand Lady. One can only speculate that the front of the Grand Palace will stay. The 4,000 seat venue, is a Branson staple, whether it is open or closed. The permit was for 400,000 dollars, and would makes sense to me, that it would be for the back of the building. I’m hoping for the best, as a lot of people are. That they keep the front of the Palace in tact. It’s good that the owners, are moving forward with some new, permanent ideas. We shall keep you posted.

Thanksgiving week Newsletter-Grand Palace,Black Friday

Thanksgiving week Newsletter-Grand Palace,Black Friday

We love talking about the palace. A business permit came out today, to demo a portion of the palace, for 400,000. My guess is that would be for the sitting area which holds you guessed it, 4000 seats. It was the first of it’s kind Branson had ever seen when the palace was built. I’m sure they will keep the front of the palace, as it’s very dramatic, but the back will probably be expanded, and improved. I’ll update you as it comes out.

Black Friday-Target and the whole gang have a lot of specials tonight, so get out there and find those deals. Target opens at 6:00 PM I believe,leave a note down below if this isn’t correct, and all the fun begins. Starbucks will be open as well.


Which American Idol winners live in Branson, Mo

Which American Idol winners live in Branson, Mo

American idol has been all the rage for many years. And with the faithful words of Ryan Seacrest at the end of the final season, they will be back in a revamped version hopefully.

AMERICAN IDOL XIV: Harry Connick Jr. (L) and Keith Urban (R) join contestant Ellen Peterson (center) in song on AMERICAN IDOL XIV airing Wednesday, Jan 14 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. CR: Michael Becker / FOX. © 2014 FOX Broadcasting Co.

That being said, over the years we’ve had some contestants from our locally grown area compete as well.  From  Springfield, Hollister, and Branson. Here’s a list of the people I know who have lived, worked, and made it to American idol.

1)Jason Yeager-Great Contestant from Season 7 and has worked and lived in the Branson area. Several Idols have worked at the Hard Luck diner at the Grand village and have been very succesful.

American idol 2

2)Luke Menard-Great Acoustic guitar player as well, and has performed at Several theaters around the area. And can be seen weekly at the Woodland Hills Family Church. And has been playing at Grand Country since 2008.

3)Ellen Peterson-is another Local favorite that made it to American Idol opportunity as well. But I’m not sure what she continues to do in the area. But the picture down below does look like it was taken at the Little Opry theater at the Imax.

American Idol 4

4)Zack Ketterback-was born in Kansas City and went to Missouri state so was basically discovered in Springfield mo

5)Matt Kester-a great Branson local from Hollister mo from the Carrie Underwood season. I remember seeing him at Pasta House before her performance at the Grand Palace. A super nice guy and also performer at Mel’s hard luck diner as well. And a great contributor to Branson, mo.

The Night Neil Mccoy stopped the show at the Grand Palace

The Night Neil Mccoy stopped the show at the Grand Palace 

 I know what your thinking. This is another one of those when the lights went out in Georgia articles. Oh no. This is about something entirely different. In the 90’s I attended a Neil Mccoy concert at the Grand Palace. And what a show that was. Neil had a hit song at the time, and put on one heck of a show. But he had a gimmick he would use for people who didn’t show up on time and had front row seats. Well that night, two people in the front row were late. When they finally showed, the house lights popped on, and Neil had signaled the crowd to go nuts. In the middle of 4,000 people, these guests had no idea what was going on. Thank you Neil for a great night!

Why you need to eat at Billy Bob’s dairyland before………

Why you need to eat at BillyBob Dairlyand Before…….They move to their new location. BillyBob’s have made a deal to move into the old Great Southern Bank building next to Music City Center(Which isn’t open right now 10/26/2017) so I’m hoping it gets open soon. So if you haven’t had a chance to eat at the current location, next to Grand Country, find a way to get over there. thanks

Amazing Stunt Bus Drivers of Branson

I know what your thinking. Your thinking wow this guy is off of his rocker. Well, …….maybe  a little bit. But this is something I see quite a bit here, in our little land of Branson. Buses, Semi’s, van’s all kinds of critter get stuck in them there hills. I even have a picture or two to show you what I mean. I was headed to target one day, and a semi tried to make that turn into, the two lane. and got stuck, I shall post the picture, when I find it. But mostly it’s hotels, that have to have some buses towed out. Here’s a pic. 

Trying to make a left turn into the farm on F Highway, caused a traffic jam.

Top 10 Craziest events you never would of thought happened in Branson

Top 10 Craziest events you Never would of thought happened in Branson

Branson is just crazy. And I love living here, if you’ve read any of my other blogs, and I’m sure you have-the most popular listed below.  M

Here is my top ten events you would have never thought, happened in Branson.

1)Styx played the Grand Palace-it was a great show and I was there. They rocked! They had a few members that had replaced previous members, but Tommy Shaw did all the fronting, and he nailed all of the old hits. This was in 1999, so it was the beginning of well the end. Of an era, lol Never will forget this night.

2)A very Robust, shall we say. Member of the Road to Rock, dressed as Gene Simmons drove a collectible car down 76 during one of the car shows. I felt like this was awesome. His make up was flawless, as well as his bass playing.

3)A Limo hearse, drove the length of 76 Country Boulevard, when Boxcar passed away. An incredible salute to a man who served our country, and who served Branson well.

4)K.C. and the Sunshine band played the Grand Palace. Didn’t get to attend this show, but I heard it was great. And quite a milestone for Branson. Haveing Styx here, and K.C. We need more shows like this here today.

5)Collective soul played the Grand Palace. What a show, it was sold out all around. Every parking spot around the Grand Palace was full. And it was loud.

6)Nelly played the mansion. One of the most current, amazements. This one was mired in controversy. First the city wouldn’t let him perform at the Grand Palace, and then he was moved to the Mansion. It was another great show.

7)Donny Osmond suprised his brothers, and worked his way down the 76 strip in a ton of traffic, and jumped on stage with the Osmond brothers. They stated later, that it was just like old times.

8)Neil McCoy stopped a show at the Grand Palace to let two people who were late for his sold out show, walk to their seats at the palace. On his signal he would clap his hands and the house lights would come on, and everyone would stop. The people had no idea what was going on. What a show!

9)The Miss USA beauty pagent was at the Grand Palace. I think this was 1999 as well. Arnold Swarzenneger showed up from what I understand and this was a milestone for Branson.

10)Regis and Kathy Lee came to Branson, and filmed an episode of their show. It was great, I recall fans following them all the way to the Roy Clark theater.

So there you have it, 10 things you would of never thought happened in Branson.

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