A movie that was filmed here, that might surprise you

A Movie that was filmed here,that might surprise you

Not a lot of movies get made here, but the few that do, have a host of things to work with. The water, the ozark Hills, and the people. And Winter’s Bone was no exception. It’s a fantastic movie, made on  a meager budget, with some top rate actor’s and actresses. Jennifer  Lawrence Catapulted to Super success, after this movie. And shined with her abilities as an actress. The movie does hint at the use of meth  in them there hills, but after watching I’m not sure it’s a  central theme. It seems to be more about a tightly nit group, than a  film about the hazards of meth. Sure it’s there, but it doesn’t focus on it. Over all it stays focused  on  the survival of living off the beaten path, and  turned out fantastic.

What it’s like to stay in a $150 dollar a night Hotel room in Branson

 What it’s like to stay in a $150 a night Hotel room in Branson

The Hilton on the Promenade has it all. Easy access to the Landing,  downtown Branson, Momo’s     Restaurant and so much more.  The rooms are amazing, as well as the pool, and on and on and on! The Bathroom boasted a walk in show for two, and a nice bathtub with the slanted top, for laying down and reading magazines while you bathe.  The lobby was very spacious, and the pool was a nice size. All the decor was current and kept up very well. The view from our room of the landing was fantastic. In the morning we breezed over to  Starbucks and had breakfast, and ended up spending the same amount as ordering room service. An omelet ran about $16.99 Starbucks  was about $23, so it  was worth the walk .

The Bedroom at the Promenade


Sitting Area

Outside the Hilton

The Chappy mall has a great new Juice bar!



Two Amazing meals at Texas Land & Cattle and the best view in Branson

Two Amazing Meals at Texas Land and Cattle and the best view in Branson

I love a great meal and a view. And the landing affords many a luxury. Such as  one of the best steaks in town. An investor of mine went with me to sit and watch the sunset over the lake, and watch all the great families walk, joggers jog, and boats sale in front of the landing. I think there was even a kayak in there at some point.  We sat down on the deck of  Texas land and Cattle, and were pleasantly surprised at the nice discreet service they had to offer. The bartender took care of us very well. I ordered one of their best steaks with a loaded baked potato  and my investor ordered a stacked burger. The meals were incredible, the steak was cooked perfectly ,and  the burger looked amazing. Below are pictures of each, enjoy!

The Hottest New things coming to Branson

There are always new things coming to Branson. Either a plan is in place, or a plan is coming to rock this town,inside out one more time. Below is a list of new things to try in the Spring right here in B town.

1)The Baldknobbers have left the building, not really so to speak, but have moved to a new location, right off of Highway 165 across from white oak station. We are excited to see them continue their tenure at their new location.

2)Sky coaster on 165-it’s been open for a bit, and the lines are long to enjoy this incredible ride. Located right next to Dana’s barbecue a ride and a meal are the perfect combination

3)Roller coaster on Highway 76-this one is under development, and is almost done. Located right where the water slide was, across from Price chopper and walmart, this looks like a doozy. Probably will be ready in 2018.

4)Fritz adventure-it’s new its been tested and it was worth the wait. Rock climbing walls, an indoor airplane, tons of tunnels, this is the place to take the kids.

5) Lodge of the Ozarks-is undergoing a complete renovation, and will look Marvelous darling, as soon as its done, we shall keep you posted.

10 Entrees to die for before you leave Branson, and a few you never knew

10 Entrees to Die for, before you leave Branson and a few you never knew!

1)The Farm House-the Farmhouse’s fried Catfish Batter fried, and laid next to hand cut french fries, this is to die for. 

2)Big Whiskey’s  Onion Ring Hamburger is worth the wait.

Two deep fried onion rings,smothered in ketchup, over onions and a great hamburger patti, when your at the Landing stop at Big Whiskey’s

3)Sunday Brunch at the Keeter Center,is a  great stop to get on the road before you leave town on Sunday morning. The brunch highlights the  keeter center has to offer.

4)The Flautus at Cantina Laredo or not to be missed. Add Table side Guacomolee and your meal is complete.


5)Fried Alligator tails at the Outback is their specialty

Deep and batter fried, with a plethora of sauces.

6)Drafts is on their way up I’ve eaten here several times and the service is always good and the food is amazing. These are their buffalo wings, and they are nice to order the first time around. 

7)Mcfarlands meatloaf is awesome. A really large size piece of meat, with sauce that’s over the top. A side of corn and them there mash taters, and you are set.

8)Danna’s  Barbeque  is located over on 165 is a must see.  For  Barbeque  this should be your first choice.

12 Amazing Restaurants that are no more in Branson, mo

12 Amazing Restaurants that are no more in Branson, mo

Branson is a Restaurant town. We have tons of incredible eateries over the last 20 years. Today, I wanted to share just a few of them, that have come and gone. And been Amazing over the years.Five Branson stars that passed while playing Branson

1. Mcguffy’s-What an amazing place. They had five here in Branson, Mo. The menu was incredible, from the Mississippi Mud, to the Blackened Chicken Pasta. Even the seafood was an incredible dish. They also had various Mixed drinks, formed in very bright colors. I had met the owner a few times over the years, and he was a very motivated guy. He even had a restaurant in Springfield, Mo. (Locations included Springfield, Mo, The Crown Plaza,Highway 248,highway 165,Highway 76, and a location off of Gretna road) All great locations specializing in their own culture.

2. Shorty Smalls-what a great Restaurant-BBQ was their specialty, and the decor in the place was amazing. Various nautical things hanging from the ceiling, fish nets, boat anchors all kinds of stuff. And the Taco Salad was amazing, Hardwood floors, and on, and on. The original incarnation had two location. One on 165 and one at Branson Landing. Both independently owned, the new location, of all Places at the old Mcguffy’s and Andy Williams Moon River grill is fantastic.

3. Andy Williams Moon River Grill-Oh the Chicken Pot Pie-it melted in your mouth. And the Deserts were incredible as well. Service was very good, and the Andy Warhols on the wall. It had two large dining rooms, and was always very outgoing with locals. The food overall was a mix of Andy’s favorite dishes. Here’s a link to our Restaurants page on our website. http://www.melodylanebranson.com/services.html

4.Spagattata’s-I wonder if that is spelled right. Upscale Italian, this place boasted a very large dining room, and Kitchen. All the reviews I often heard were this is an amazing place. Located on Green Mountain drive, it had some of the best parking in town, and also the best lasagna. A must have!It is now a meeting space for Surrey vacation resorts.

5.The Pasta House-Scampi all griglia (Gulf sized shrimp, over linguine with a garlic and butter sauce) was located right next to the Grand Palace. A very easy to read menu, with Salads with Artichoke hearts. This wasn’t a Friday night Restaurant, but Saturday was very busy once it was discovered. Appetizers were great, with fried mushroom friti,and spinach artichoke dip (spin art) among other specialties. This restaurant eventually sold and is now

6.The Pasta House company-same great location as above. But had an additional night club attached to it. The menu was different from the St. Louis Pasta house above, but was still good. And highlighted all of the great aspects of Italian cooking. Black olives, vine ripened tomatoes, bread, and balsamic vinegar. A must have.

7.Taco Hut-located on the srtip back in the day. This was a pre-boom Restaurant. Great cheese dip, and everything to go with it. This was a great local restaurant.Burritos were loaded with cheese,jalapenos,and more.

8.La Chinita Poblano-put out of business by the 2012 tornado. You could have it all. Chinese or Mexican. They even had a buffet. The mexican side was good, but just a touch greasy. The Chinese side eggrolls were great. This place was located right across from Clay cooper theater. A sombrero with chopstics says it all.

9.Garcias’-this was located right next to the Osmond theater Lots of Locals worked at this restaurant, and this had amazing food. Spanish and English were both spoken here, and the food was amazing. Owners decided to close after many years of great business.

10.Last but not least. Hardees on 76. Boy have the locals missed this great place. I know its hard to believe this is a chain. But it offered burgers no on could resist, and now have to drive to Springfield, Mo to enjoy.Please check out our website melodylanebranson.com for more on current restuarants.
11) Burger King on 76-we miss this restaurant, the parking and entrance and exits were just impossible. Burger King struggled for years, but with all of the issues went out. 12)Backyard burgers- same challenged as Burger King, but a better look and Branding for Branson.

10 Incredible shows that crashed and burned in Branson, mo, you won’t believe #5 was a show

Just so we’re clear, very clear. This isn’t a let’s bash Branson blog. Its a blog to celebrate Branson. All of the crazy things we’ve seen and done here, are well, quite amazing. Here’s a list of 10 amazing shows, you would of never thought were actually here.
1)Elvis and the superstar-Elvis and the Superstar-Superstar originally had an s on it. But since it was just one great man, who did many great stars, I just put superstar. Dave “Elvis” Elhert could do it all. MJ,Elvis,Mark Twain, and many more. He was a delight to many a stroller down business 65 looking for a show to see. He drove a blue corvette with a triangle Elvis and the superstars sign, and he did all the hits, right there in downtown Branson.

2)Cracklin RoseA tribute to Neil Diamond this was at the Grand Palace. He had back up singers,and survived for a while. I’m not actually sure when he fell of the map.
3)Anita Bryant-yes the Orange Juice queen was here. She managed to be a touch less controversial while she was here, but did pretty well with her morning show for a while. But I just wasn’t sure what she did.
4)John Davidson-Mr. That’s incredible, had a pretty good show. I met him back stage at Roy Clarks one time, and he could turn it on, if need be. He could work a crowd and do that pretty well. And did draw some crowds while here.
5)Duffy &  Friends-A puppet that looked like shotgun red, was the main star of this show. And the utility man. He played guitar,fiddle,keys,bongos, you name it. The puppet master would slip his fingers through two holes and search for his instrument of choice. And a microphone was hooked up so the puppeteer could do his voice. I kind of wondered when this show would kick the bucket and eventually it did. But wow was all I could say on this one.
6)Darren Romeo-“Where there was magic in his music, and music in his magic” was the slogan presented by Sigfreid and Roy about this young tiny magician. Often looking very Peter Panesque, he was truly a great magician. I know welk resort had a long term contract with Romeo, but soon ended their courtship.
7)The Entertainersthis was a truly good show, and boasted entertainers from all over Branson. The marketing was good and the show was even endorsed by Andy Willaims himself. I was sorry to see this show not come back, after winter Hiatus.
8)Bart Rocket-Bart Performed at the old Christy Lane Theater, and for what it was, I think it was good. But at the time there were three magic shows in town, and highly competitive. 9) The Lowe’s theater on 165-I thought this theater was built specifically for the Lowe’s. But can’t quite remember. Didn’t do so well being so far from the main drag. But hey the tried.
10)The Texans -I thought this was a neat show. But wasn’t sure how far a guy on stilts would go. In the early days this show did draw fanfare, but over the long hall just didn’t make it.

Where to find Amazing Sushi in Branson, mo

Where to find amazing Sushi in Branson, mo

There are some amazing Sushi Places in Branson, Mo. My favorite and one I’ve been eating at for Several years, is the Sushi House on Highway 165. Some of the freshest, most fantastic Sushi I’ve ever had. And I have had it, just about all over. I’ll try and put a link to the youtube version of this video, that I did a few years ago. But there have been some new developments since I did the video. Here are my top 5 choices. 1)Mitsu Neko-Their designer rolls are fantastic. Be prepared to pay a little higher price than most places, but the expense is there, as far as how designed the rolls are. The owners are very nice, and occasionally they light a roll on fire and bring it out to the guest. (This was a staple of Wasabi’s when it was open, across from Walmart). But the food here overall is fantastic. 2)Wakyoto-very big designer roll, sushi on fire,great box lunches. A little pricey as well, but very good. And the box and dinner box add a nice variety to the Japanese cuisine. A very healthy alternative to fast food. Lee’s tip (get the spicy crab with your box lunch or dinner) it’s great. Also the Alaska roll and Las Vegas roll are fantastic. 3)Shogun’s 165-Sushi is served to the side of the Restaurant as you view, Shogun’s Chef’s juggling eggs, and spatula’s and setting tables on fire. The sushi was very good, and very fresh, but is as Sushi is not their highlight. 4)Shogun’s @Welk Resort-Sushi is prepared from a very limited Menu, and isn’t really their forte. Setting tables on fire, and balancing eggs is, inside their stir fry. So this is their #5 Where not to have Sushi in Branson? Their is a buffet at the beginning of town across from the old time photo shop, don’t eat sushi here, as their have been multiple health violations. Email me, like my blog, and subscribe to my page, so I can send you the name. Their sushi is left in the open air, which is never good for fish. As temperature variance, causes fish to go bad.

How to find a Restaurant in Branson on Friday night

How to find a Restaurant on Friday night in Branson, mo

It isn’t as easy as you think. Your rushing into Branson to try and catch a show, or some shopping, or an attraction on a busy Friday night, and you need to find something fantastic to eat. Only problem is, is your in wall to wall traffic. If you’ve arrived from Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, or Kansas.  You’ve got to be prepared for a rough and tumble traffic experience on Friday night.The strip is packed and it is very hard to get anywhere. Most people like to get over to the center of town, which meets right at the good ole Grand Palace. And work there way from there. Usually most people go to their hotel first, and then try and hit a restaurant.  On Friday night most restaurants aren’t a  destination, on Saturday night, there is even more traffic here than usual. Friday’s you still find it hard to get around. Go eat first, hit your attraction, and then go to the Hotel and get settled in. Hitting your destination first, is the best way, to get your meal in and avoid the rush.




Dunkin Donuts is coming back to Branson,mo-Wed Wonderful jobs 03/29/2017

Here is the full Job below!

Dunkin Donuts is back and we are very excited about this at Bransonisfun.com

Who Are We?
In 1950, Bill Rosenberg opened the first Dunkin’ Donuts shop in Quincy, Massachusetts. Dunkin’ Donuts licensed the first of many franchises in 1955. Now Dunkin’ Donuts is the world’s leading baked goods and coffee chain, serving more than 3 million customers per day at over 12,000 locations worldwide. Dunkin’ Donuts sells a variety of donuts and more than a dozen coffee beverages as well as an array of bagels, breakfast sandwiches and other baked goods.

At Dunkin Donuts we are committed to our employees as much as we are committed to our customers. We value hardworking and enthusiastic employees and we make it a priority to ensure their success.

Who Are We Looking For?
We are looking to add to our team of positive, energetic employees who are passionate about the Dunkin’ Brand and delivering exceptional customer service and baked goods. We have immediate openings for Shift Managers and Crew Members in the coming weeks. Our team members are the foundation of what keeps the store and America running!

Each team member will go through online training courses on how to be passionate about how to brew, serve and delivery the greatest cup of coffee in America. We are devoted in training our team member’s in all there is to know about the Dunkin way.
If you are the type of person that loves to work in a fast pace environment where the hours just fly by then come join our team. We offer great wages with tips and we are flexible with our schedules.

What are you waiting for? Apply today at www.dunkinjobsbranson.com.

Why work for us?
There is lots of growth potential within our organization. We are growing quickly and there are full-time and management positions available for those who perform exceptionally.
Benefits of working for Dunkin’ Donuts/Baskin Robbins:
• Lots of potential for growth within the company for those who work hard
• Awesome team-oriented environment
• Monthly pay increases based on performance
• Employee matching retirement account for those that qualify
• Flexible scheduling
• Tip sharing
• All the FREE coffee you can drink!

Come join our team today! Apply online at www.dunkinjobsbranson.com.

You are applying for work with a franchisee of Dunkin’ Donuts, not Dunkin’ Brands, Inc. or any of its affiliates. Any information you submit will be provided solely to the franchisee. If hired, the franchisee will be your only employer. Franchisees are independent business owners who set their own wage and benefit programs that can vary among franchisees.