Another theater dies in Branson-The Historic Baldknobbers theater is being torn down!

The Historic Baldknobbers theater is being Torn Down!

Everything changes, and comes to an end. And Branson is an ever evolving place, with new tastes, and ideas coming all the time. The Baldknobbers theater is being laid to rest, and new projects are on the Horizon. Here are some photos of the project as it stands right now. (Photos Courtesy of Linda J Rushing) and Wonder Works is well, in the works. Baldknobbers the show, does have a new location, thank goodness. And it’s at the old New Shanghai theater, over on 165. Their Legacy will live on, and at the old location, a new attraction will rise from the ashes.

What’s happening now?

09/14/2018-A couple of conferences going on this weekend, over at the mansion theater.

09/14/2018-The car show over at Shepherd of the Hills as well

09/15/2018-second day of the car show at Shepherd of the hills

09/15/18-Rexplex’s bloc party, over 100 booths selling yard sale type of items. 

Branson was a Smash for Smashing Pumpkin

Branson was a Smash for Smashing Pumpkin Billy Corgan

Photo Credit: Scott Prestley of the Prestley’s

Who says Branson is old fashioned! And maybe our style of show is on the way back, when a pumpkin comes to town! Billy Corgan of the smashing pumpkins has been making the rounds, the last few days. And reports say he is happy, very happy. A student of music and all that is eclectic. Billy has been having a great time the last few days in B town. He was even at the Dixie stampede last night listening to their opening act, the White River Wranglers (Goldwing Express)  and rumors say he really enjoyed himself. If you see him around town, tell him says hello!

Homeless in Branson-The NPR story

Homeless in Branson-The NPR Story

On July 11th, NPR released a story on the Branson Homeless issue. And spotlighted a person living in one of the Motels. She expressed that prostitutes and drug users lurk outside these hotels. And that there seemed to be no way out, of this situation.

NPR also painted the picture that Branson wasn’t handling it’s business well with all the homeless issues. What are your thoughts on these issues? Please share below.

Secret Shortcuts to Silver Dollar City

Secret Shortcuts to Silver Dollar City

Tired of the long car lines to get into Silver Dollar City. I am too! As I’m driving home everyday, I see a few hundred cars stacked up at SDC. People driving to the middle of the line to get over. And some steadfastly sitting at the end of the line. Hoping for it to go down. But there are some secrets. If you add up the amount of time spent waiting in those lines, there are faster ways.

Way#1-Hit Highway 265 from Shephard of the hills or 165. There is a left turning lane and you can get in that without starting at the back.

Way#2 -If it’s a busy Saturday, go up 86 and cuts across Kimberling city and come down, it might take you 30 minutes but traveling east down, will save you 30 minutes of sitting in traffic.

Way#3-hit the high road and come in from 65 South or North. People won’t slight you from coming in this way, and let you in line.

Three very cool ways to save an hour of time trying to get in the city!

More Lawsuits filed this week against the Duckboats

More Lawsuits were filed this week in the duck-boat tragedy.   The Lawsuits sight, poorly built and designed duckboats, profits over people, and poor judgement.  The lawsuit alleges that the duckboats were operating under poor decisions, to enter the water at all. The first lawsuit, which was for 100 Million dollars, was for two members of the family that lost 9 members.  The lawsuit filed this week for an undisclosed amount, includes many of the other members of the rest of the family.


17 Dead in Ride the Ducks accident last night-updated 9:00 PM

17 Dead in Ride the Ducks accident last night

During the storm last night,  two Ride the Ducks boats were on Table Rock  Lake.  17 people have died so far, and authorities are still searching for a few more. Several were transported to Cox Hospital downtown Branson.  Several are in Critical condition.  The President tweeted his deepest condolences via twitter this morning. Please pray for the families.

The Amazing Pomme De Terre State Park

Pomee De Terre A View from my tent

A Photo of the beach a Pomme De Terre

07/08/18-My family and I had a great trip to Pomme De Terre Which means Potato in French. There were some great hiking trails, and all kinds of things to do. It was 93 degrees everyday, so a good tip, might be to go when the weather is a little cooler. We also had some great burgers at the Marina, just down the way.

Hot new Things in Branson, Mo Right now!

1)Aerodium-Levitate 10-15 feet in the air, with a guide to watch your step. Located at Fritz adventure, just off of the strip, next to Dixie stampede. This is not to be missed.

2)Bigfoot- is alive and kicking, and the perfect visit in the summer times. Soar high above Branson,Missouries West side of the strip. White water, the ole Days Inn, and so many other things worth seeing.

3)Indoor carts at Grand Country-they built these over the winter, and is hearing great things.

4)Carousel at the Traks family fun park. Just built three weeks ago (06/27/18) this is not to be missed.

5)SDC Roller Coasters-just over the winter SDC has released a brand new roller coaster, from Germany. A must see.

6)Water Park @Shepherd of the Hills-Brand new water park under construction and should be completed soon.

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