American Idol stars who call Branson home

American idol has been all the rage for many years and with the faithful words of Ryan Seacrest as the end of the final season, they will be back in a revamped version hopefully.

AMERICAN IDOL XIV: Harry Connick Jr. (L) and Keith Urban (R) join contestant Ellen Peterson (center) in song on AMERICAN IDOL XIV airing Wednesday, Jan 14 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. CR: Michael Becker / FOX. © 2014 FOX Broadcasting Co.

That being said, over the years we’ve had some contestants from our Locally grown area as well. Springfield, Hollister, and Branson. Here’s a list of the people I know who have lived, worked, and made it to American idol.

1)Jason Yeager-Great Contestant from Season 7 and has worked and lived in the Branson area. Several Idols have worked at the Hard Luck diner at the Grand village and have been very succesful.

American idol 2

2)Luke Menard-Great Acoustic guitar player as well, and has performed at Several theaters around the area. And can be seen weekly at the Woodland Hills Family Church. And has been playing at Grand Country since 2008.

3)Ellen Peterson-is another Local favorite that made it to American Idol opportunity as well. But I’m not sure what she continues to do in the area. But the picture down below does look like it was taken at the Little Opry theater at the Imax.

American Idol 4

4)Zack Ketterback-was born in Kansas City and went to Missouri state so was basically discovered in Springfield mo

5)Matt Kester-a great Branson local from Hollister mo from the Carrie Underwood season. I remember seeing him at Pasta House before her performance at the Grand Palace. A super nice guy and also performer at Mel’s hard luck diner as well. And a great contributor to Branson, mo.


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  1. Hi! A minuscule amount of research will conclude that The Peters(e)ns are indeed currently performing at The Imax’s Little Opry Theater as well as some other gigs in the area. Also, Zack’s last name is Kaltenbach just in case anyone wants to look him up!

    1. Zack’s last name is really hard to spell. Also so many shows go through the Imax that anyone one any given Sunday can be playing there. Shows move around so much, you never know who is playing there.

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