10 Incredible shows that crashed and burned in Branson, mo, you won’t believe #5 was a show

Just so we’re clear, very clear. This isn’t a let’s bash Branson blog. Its a blog to celebrate Branson. All of the crazy things we’ve seen and done here, are well, quite amazing. Here’s a list of 10 amazing shows, you would of never thought were actually here.
1)Elvis and the superstar-Elvis and the Superstar-Superstar originally had an s on it. But since it was just one great man, who did many great stars, I just put superstar. Dave “Elvis” Elhert could do it all. MJ,Elvis,Mark Twain, and many more. He was a delight to many a stroller down business 65 looking for a show to see. He drove a blue corvette with a triangle Elvis and the superstars sign, and he did all the hits, right there in downtown Branson.

2)Cracklin RoseA tribute to Neil Diamond this was at the Grand Palace. He had back up singers,and survived for a while. I’m not actually sure when he fell of the map.
3)Anita Bryant-yes the Orange Juice queen was here. She managed to be a touch less controversial while she was here, but did pretty well with her morning show for a while. But I just wasn’t sure what she did.
4)John Davidson-Mr. That’s incredible, had a pretty good show. I met him back stage at Roy Clarks one time, and he could turn it on, if need be. He could work a crowd and do that pretty well. And did draw some crowds while here.
5)Duffy &  Friends-A puppet that looked like shotgun red, was the main star of this show. And the utility man. He played guitar,fiddle,keys,bongos, you name it. The puppet master would slip his fingers through two holes and search for his instrument of choice. And a microphone was hooked up so the puppeteer could do his voice. I kind of wondered when this show would kick the bucket and eventually it did. But wow was all I could say on this one.
6)Darren Romeo-“Where there was magic in his music, and music in his magic” was the slogan presented by Sigfreid and Roy about this young tiny magician. Often looking very Peter Panesque, he was truly a great magician. I know welk resort had a long term contract with Romeo, but soon ended their courtship.
7)The Entertainersthis was a truly good show, and boasted entertainers from all over Branson. The marketing was good and the show was even endorsed by Andy Willaims himself. I was sorry to see this show not come back, after winter Hiatus.
8)Bart Rocket-Bart Performed at the old Christy Lane Theater, and for what it was, I think it was good. But at the time there were three magic shows in town, and highly competitive. 9) The Lowe’s theater on 165-I thought this theater was built specifically for the Lowe’s. But can’t quite remember. Didn’t do so well being so far from the main drag. But hey the tried.
10)The Texans -I thought this was a neat show. But wasn’t sure how far a guy on stilts would go. In the early days this show did draw fanfare, but over the long hall just didn’t make it.

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