What will Shepherd of the Hills do now?

What will the Shepherd of the Hills do now?

Update 05/29/2017 I drove by today on the way from Church and it is just now starting to sink in. The SOH was vacant, both entrances were open and there was no one there. I just can’t believe nothing is going on here, in the middle of the season. I heard that C of O has some interest in old Matt’s Cabin, and may be interested in buying it, so that is some good news. But this park hosts a number of great things for a buyer to capitalize on. From the inspiration tower, ti the Zipline so I will continue to update this.

Earlier this month From the info I have picked up, there are several investors looking at the ┬áZipline,Inspiration tower,the show and much more. One investor it seems is interested in the land, as where the other is interested in ┬áthe multi plex and brand. Here at Bransonisfun.com we are hoping for the best for this historic show that has been around for 57 years, and as good as it is, will land on it’s feet just fine . This seems to be a year of challenges for shows this year, as the Baldknobbers had to move theaters as well, after a long run at their theater.


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