Top 12 Amazing Restaurants that Kicked the bucket in Branson, mo

Top 12 Amazing Restaurants that Kicked the bucket in Branson, mo

Branson is a Restaurant town. We have tons of incredible eateries over the last 20 years. Today, I wanted to share just a few of them, that have come and gone. And been Amazing over the years.Five Branson stars that passed while playing Branson

1. Mcguffy’s-What an amazing place. They had five here in Branson, Mo. The menu was incredible, from the Mississippi Mud, to the Blackened Chicken Pasta. Even the seafood was an incredible dish. They also had various Mixed drinks, formed in very bright colors. I had met the owner a few times over the years, and he was a very motivated guy. He even had a restaurant in Springfield, Mo. (Locations included Springfield, Mo, The Crown Plaza,Highway 248,highway 165,Highway 76, and a location off of Gretna road) All great locations specializing in their own culture

. 2. Shorty Smalls-what a great Restaurant-BBQ was their specialty, and the decor in the place was amazing. Various nautical things hanging from the ceiling, fish nets, boat anchors all kinds of stuff. And the Taco Salad was amazing, Hardwood floors, and on, and on. The original incarnation had two location. One on 165 and one at Branson Landing. Both independently owned, the new location, of all Places at the old Mcguffy’s and Andy Williams Moon River grill is fantastic.

3. Andy Williams Moon River Grill-Oh the Chicken Pot Pie-it melted in your mouth. And the Deserts were incredible as well. Service was very good, and the Andy Warhols on the wall. It had two large dining rooms, and was always very outgoing with locals. The food overall was a mix of Andy’s favorite dishes. Here’s a link to our Restaurants page on our website.

4.Spagattata’s-I wonder if that is spelled right. Upscale Italian, this place boasted a very large dining room, and Kitchen. All the reviews I often heard were this is an amazing place. Located on Green Mountain drive, it had some of the best parking in town, and also the best lasagna. A must have!It is now a meeting space for Surrey vacation resorts.

5.The Pasta House-Scampi all griglia (Gulf sized shrimp, over linguine with a garlic and butter sauce) was located right next to the Grand Palace. A very easy to read menu, with Salads with Artichoke hearts. This wasn’t a Friday night Restaurant, but Saturday was very busy once it was discovered. Appetizers were great, with fried mushroom friti,and spinach artichoke dip (spin art) among other specialties. This restaurant eventually sold and is now

6.The Pasta House company-same great location as above. But had an additional night club attached to it. The menu was different from the St. Louis Pasta house above, but was still good. And highlighted all of the great aspects of Italian cooking. Black olives, vine ripened tomatoes, bread, and balsamic vinegar. A must have.

7.Taco Hut-located on the srtip back in the day. This was a pre-boom Restaurant. Great cheese dip, and everything to go with it. This was a great local restaurant.Burritos were loaded with cheese,jalapenos,and more.

8.La Chinita Poblano-put out of business by the 2012 tornado. You could have it all. Chinese or Mexican. They even had a buffet. The mexican side was good, but just a touch greasy. The Chinese side eggrolls were great. This place was located right across from Clay cooper theater. A sombrero with chopstics says it all.

9.Garcias’-this was located right next to the Osmond theater Lots of Locals worked at this restaurant, and this had amazing food. Spanish and English were both spoken here, and the food was amazing. Owners decided to close after many years of great business.

10.Last but not least. Hardees on 76. Boy have the locals missed this great place. I know its hard to believe this is a chain. But it offered burgers no on could resist, and now have to drive to Springfield, Mo to enjoy.Please check out our website for more on current restuarants.

11) Burger King on 76-we miss this restaurant, the parking and entrance and exits were just impossible. Burger King struggled for years, but with all of the issues went out. 12)Backyard burgers- same challenged as Burger King, but a better look and

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