Top 10 things to do at Silver Dollar City + Review


I love going out to SDC and have done so for the last 25 years. And its always an amazing experience. SDC is just a good dose of Family fun, and that is getting harder and harder to do all the time. Find a great healthy way to have fun with the family. Here are 10 great things you can do with the family and make it an all day affair.

1)Food-they have amazing food. I usually go every year, during the world fest. Just for the food, from Italian fair, to barbeque to just about anything. This is my favorite time of year, as SDC pulls out all the stops.

2)Rides-of course there are some amazing rides. From Roller coasters, to log rides, to those things that swing around in the air. Its a must try, for the person not wanting to throw their back out. lol

3)Dessert-they have amazing desserts all over the park. From funnel cakes, to ice cream to strawberry shortcake.

4)Physical exercise-lots of walking and physical endurance are all that’s required to get a good sweat in at SDC

5)Shows-tons of great shows and things to do. From Banjos to Baritones this is the place for you.

6)Magic-that’s right from time to time, there is Magic in their great little theater play house that they have. And they’ve had some great performers over the years.

7)Coffee-they have a great little coffee house there, and they make amazing coffee.

8)Shopping-tons of incredible hand craffted delights adorn the walls of the SDC shops, with tons of Local people working to make those things, its a win win.

9)Dolphins-in the summer SDC has a ton of animal shows, celebrating the magic that these creatures can bring.

10)Kids fun-you have got to bring the kids here, they will laugh, and play until they well just can’t anymore. And happy, exhausted, tired kids, make sleepy kids when they get home.

My review 5 stars!!!!!