Tips for looking for Jobs if your homeless or in an extended stay motel

Tips for looking for Jobs if your Homeless or in an extended Stay

Here are some great tips for looking for jobs if you are homeless or living in an extended stay.

  1. Get a P.O.Box-Hollister, Mo has very economical post office rates, compared to Branson. A P.O. Box will give you the look of having a permanent address, as opposed to know address at all. And create some solidity to  your prospective employer.
  2. Get a verified email address.  Start using email if you don’t already. It’s a great way to show professionalism, a few steps possibly beyond the job you are applying for. It creates a way to communicate with the manager, that he or she might not be used to.
  3. Step in the managers shoes-What are they looking for, how has the communication been with them. What kind of employees are they looking for now? And who do they have now?
  4. Follow up, follow up, follow up-call them back, (no not everyday, but enough to show interest.
  5. Take notes-when you call them back, what did they say, follow up per their instructions.
  6. Offer a nice touch, say Yes Sir, and no sir,or Ma’am. These are touches they don’t often see.
  7. Give them your sell number, and do your best to keep this your regular cell phone number. They will view this as a great benefit in the long term to reach you.
  8. And lastly, don’t show up with friends to fill out apps. This will impress. Good luck.

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