Why I think the Grand Palace is not open

Why I think the Grand Palace is not open

Well, at this point I’m beginning to scratch my head. As I drive to my office everyday I go by this amazing Giant. I don’t see very much activity, all I see is a website on their sign, that says for more info go here. And I’ve seen several major Holidays go by (July 4th today) and the whole summer is coming to a close and it’s still not open. From starting my own business, and learning a lot from that. I think the new owners got in here, and realized they didn’t have a concept big enough to fit these grand walls. All four of them. I mean think about it, you have a 4000 seat theater, huge backstage area, an aparmtent, and a cascading stairwell. Leasing stores in there is an idea, but it’s just not a strong enough idea. The Grand Palace 2017 is probably turning into Grand Palace 2018. As usual we are hoping for the best.

Grand Palace 2017 Grand Palace 2016

Branson Grand Palace Branson Decline

Grand Palace shops Branson Mo

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