Rock Stars from Missouri you would of Never known

Rock Stars from Missouri you would of Never Known

With the passing of Chuck Berry, I think it’s appropriate to write a story about Rock Stars from Missouri. Here is our list, that is sure to surprise you. 

1)Chuck Berry-the master of the Johnny B Goode Style of guitar, he passed just a little while ago, who would of thought that he was from Missouri. He was from St. Louis

2)Michael Mcdonald

3)Sheryl Crow I went to a John Mayer show one time in St. Louis, and Sheryl Crow was given the headlining spot, even though John Mayer was the bigger artist. I guess she was from St. Louis as well. 

4)David Cook-the American Idol Winner  He hails from Blue Springs, mo. 

5)Ozark Mountain Daredevils I often hear about these guys around here in Branson. And I’ve heard they have played Lampee many of times. 

6)Missouri The Band-no need to describe here. 

7) Cavo

8)Puddle of Mudd-Kansas City area -this was a great band back in the day, so they deserve an awesome shout out for being from Missouri.

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