Mysterious Castles of Branson Mo

stone castle

There are many┬áMysterious castles in Branson, mo or them there hills. The castle is a remarkable concept for Marketing in this part of the world. A castle can be a hotel, a waterpark, a church, or a secret mansion in the hills. That’s why I called this from Renaissance to Redneck. From brick to silent fortress, this article is a must read. Here is my top list of Castles Here in Hillbilly Heaven.

1)Stone Castle Hotel & conference center-this is agreat place. Really utiliyzing the Castle Theme. Spread out over 5 Acres, this Stone fortress, has the draw bridge and the whole buffett. Knights in shining armour on horseback adorn the property for your liking. A must see when your in Branson town.

2)Castle Rock-A premiere waterpark, right across the street from Stone Castle. It boasts all the effects of a great castle, the cobblestone, the rounded edges, and a huge sun deck on the side of the building.

3)King’s Quarters Hotel-another great hotel located near Sight and Sound theater. More of just a name than a themed hotel, it just goes to show you the abundance of Castles in Branson.

4)The castle @ Celebration City-This now houses Woodland Hills church. Which is worth checking out on Sunday morning. This Castle adorns to the left of Celebration City and has several offices that adjoin with it. A beautifull space.

5)Pensmore mansion-the Highly acclaimed secretive mansion just soouth of Ozark, is a contractor of Castles dream. Bullet proof, bomb proof, and Tornado proof, this has quite the view of 65 highway. Headed from Springfield look to your left (East) right before the salvage yard. Its an amazing structure.

How a theater show dies in Branson, mo

How a theater Show dies in Branson, mo

When a show is on its last legs, there is a lot of hooping and hollering. Grunting and groaning, and falling around on the ground. It gurgles a little and then gives up the Ghost.
If a show dies in Branson it is a sad day. As there are always options for reincarnation in some respect. In the chain of theaters a show can survive at, there is always somewhere for a show to go. I’ve seen shows at several different theaters all in the same year.
In the old days, the last stop was always the Branson mall. (Which is closed right now, for renovations). At the mall, they could break shows down into 15 minute intervals, and you’d get a chance to get up onstage, usually without your band, and all the gear. I’ve stopped by and watched just about every Elvis there ever was.
1)The 1950’s Elvis 2)The Jailhouse rock Elvis 3)The Las Vegas Elvis 4)The post Peanut butter and nanner sandwich Elvis 5)And Even Baby Elvis all at the Branson mall.
Jackson Cash though, really brought the house down. He unlike a lot of artists, had all his great up on stage. Made a grand entrance, and put on one incredible show. There was also a huge crowd there, the night I saw him play. I was usually headed to Walmart, and I would stop by and catch a tribute artist or two.
A Show usually leaves a theater when the rent gets too steep. They can’t afford it, as the show isn’t generating enough ticket sales. Usually under some type of persuasion or duress, the show is off to another location. Sometimes it can even be a restaurant. One time I watched an Entire Ferlin Husky show at Wendy’s over a double burger and some square cut fries. Ferlin had a 70’s leasure suit on that night and really brought the roof down, or the restaurant lighting rig.
Many problems are caused by too much show jumping. The show loses credibility very fast, and the theater as well. When it becomes apparent that the theater can’t keep its line up consistent.
We’ve had every show imaginable. 50’s style shows,Several Hank Williams shows, Patsy,Johnny Cash, and on and on. This is a place that can light up with stars at times, and then crash with the best of em.

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How a Restaurant dies in Branson, mo

Waiter with arms around choking man’s stomach in restaurant

How a Restaurant dies in Branson, Mo 2019

Its not always a sad day in Branson, when a Restaurant dies. It could be that the venue is turning into something else. A fusion if you will, no pun intended.
Pasta house turned into Florentinas. La Chinita Poblano turned into Pasgheties, and the Plantation morphed into CiCi’s Pizza. And if anything is creating a more competitive landscape in Branson, it’s having better Restaurants. As everyone has to eat, there will always be more and better Food places here. And that’s what we surely need. New inventive tasty food, to entice people to enjoy their stay and enjoy the food. The city (SDC) can’t be the only reason for people to come here, which was about the only draw before the boom hit.
For the employees, they always find new places to lant. The last I’d heard there are over 35,000 Restaurant seats here. New Restaurants in the last year” Pasghettis, CiCi’s Pizza, Shorty Smalls on the strip, Buffalo Wild Wings on the landing, and more to come! If you can think of anymore, please leave a comment below and I will include it.

Branson at its best!

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