What to do on a snow day in Branson Mo



What to do on a snow day in Branson, Mo. There is still tons of indoor stuff to do in Branson even though you are snowed in. When I used to live near 76 there were a ton of things to do within walking distance of my House. ( I love to call it House in Canadian) so lets get Crackin.

1)Fritz adventures should be crazy busy on this day. Its indoors and you can find all kinds of crazy things to do with the kids. From bungie style climbs, Rock walls, and mazes this should keep those kiddos busy.

Fritz's Adventure_1444152413715_5079023_ver1.0_640_360

2) Castle Rock-Indoor Water Park Anyone-tons of all day play, snacks and incredible rooms, this place could consume a lot of time for the day if your snowed in. If you have to take a snow sled to get there.

http://bransonisfun.com/branson-hotels-kids/ Kids Friendly Hotels

3)Grand Country-the Grandest of all Kids adventures when you snowed in. There is Miniature gold, shows, and an indoor video game parlor just for Kids, so check this out for sure.

4)Titanic-Now this could be worth a try, as it could be educational for the Kiddos as well as fun. And it looks Monsterous in the winter.

5)Ripley’s Believe it or not-Lots for the kids to see, its also indoors as well, and ranks on the education meter as well.

http://bransonisfun.com/things-branson-kids/Things for Kids to do

Top 5 Places to get Married in Branson Mo in 2017

Top  Places to get Married in Branson,MO 

Top 5 places to get married in Branson, mo

     This has been a fun article to write on the Top 5 Places to get married in Branson.  And that time of year is coming up. And the Ozarks is just the place to do it. Get married (hitched) as they would say in certain parts of Arkansas or Missouri. From Beautiful Ozark Mountains, to rolling hills, to incredible skylines, Branson and the Ozarks can’t be beat. Here is a top ten list of exotic places to get married.

1)Big Cedar-is an amazing place to get married. And has really used the lay of the Land well to accomodate all kinds of travellers. They entertain guests well, in a certain type Mountain luxery. Worth a look if your bringing a once in a lifetime event to Branson. Located on highway 86, this is just a short trip away from all things Branosn. bigcedar.com

2)Chateau on the Lake-An Awesome place that hosts the 4th of July fireworks every year. The decor inside is amazing, and they are no strangers to hosting incredible events. With very large spacious meeting rooms, with a nice touch of elegance. The Hotel itself can handle all of your rooms for the wedding party, and has a nice Restaurant to boot. Worth checking out.

3)The Hilton Downtown-The downtown area near the landing has two Hiltons. One on the promenade and then the high Rise. With everything from Valley parking for your guests, to a Starbucks right across the street. Very large spacious meeting rooms from the convention center side, to escalators to help you avoid all of those stairs.

4)The Raddison-This is a great place, centrally located in Branson. Surrounded by so much to see and do, it is hard to imagine. A restaurant on site, large spacious meeting rooms and so much more.

5) Log Chapel of the Ozarks-located just north of Branson in a heavily wooded area, this economical opportunity is worth checking out, and perty. http://logchapelofthe

Branson hotels for Kids

Branson hotels for Kids is a must research before you come to town. The Kids seem to get the short end of the straw sometimes, and there are lots of advantages to picking the right hotel. While searching for entertainment for Kids, as we all know Kids need to be entertained and challenged at the same time, and the right Branson Hotel will hit just the spot. I always do these in lists and organize the information in such a way to help you make the right decision. And there are quite a few hotels to list with indoor and outdoor pools, play lands and all kinds of attractions within walking distance.

1)Castle rock-this is a great hotel and is #1 on this list, as it has an indoor water park attached and is the place to be for Water fun. Its also the Newest of any hotel. Also its within several restaurants on Green Mountain drive. Florentinas is the first one that comes to mind. http://www.florentinasristoranteitaliano.com/ They have incredible italian food and are close to drive to, or for a nice long walk, in between all the water fun at Castle rock.

Castle Rock

2. Stone Castle hotel & Conference Center-this is a great place and also the Home of Bransonisfun.com as I have my offices there. 3 gorgeous Castle-esque buildings, two pools, and a drawbridge. (What?) The Kids love this place, they also have a great breakfast. Read More here about secret Castles of Branson, Mo.

Branson Castles

stone castle hotel

3. Grand Country-this place is huge and has multiple things for Kids to do. From Pizza to Video games to an indoor water park. Its right on Highway 76, and Qualifies as a great Hotel for Kids. One Caveat is its all consuming and your kids might not want to leave. So choose this opulent master piece carefully.

4.Lodge of the Ozarks-has a great indoor pool, a Restaurant, and is right next door to Ripleys Believe it or not, and the Hughes brothers.  And don’t for get the Track, and the Ferris wheel. Amazing things for the kids to do while they are enjoying the great pool at Lodge of the Ozarks.

5.Welk Resort-this place looks amazing. Is a great Choice for a Kid Friendly Hotel, and is located on 165 across from Point Royal. indoor water park, food, events are also held here, and is close to Table Rock lake a must stay.



Things to do Near Branson Mo

Things to do Near Branson Mo

I’ve always been so focused on Branson, Mo that I’d never thought of all the great things to do Near Branson Mo. I do these things all the time and have a great time. Springfield, MO has a ton of things to do, and there are tons of Lake Near Branson Mo. Here’s a short list of some of the things you can do.
Things to do Near Branson Mo

1)The Battlefield Mall-this place has a ton of stores. And is pretty easy to access. Just take the Battlefield exit off of Highway 65 north and you will be well on your way. Dillards, Jcpenny, Sears are all there, among many other banner stores.
Special tip: Be prepared to walk, as this mall is very large.
Battlefield mall website

2)Table Rock Lake-Located off of Highway 165 its just a stones throw away from Branson. Tons of Hiking, fishing, swimming, and boating of course. Scuba diving and Para sailing is even a possibility in the summer.
3)Hiking near Springfield-the Nature Center off of James River expressway has some great hiking, and is one of the best trails I’ve ever hiked. Beautiful ponds and streams along the way, and its very safe as there is always a little bit of traffic.

4)Sushi-Springfield has a lot of great Sushi. From Ohana’s to Haruno’s to Ocean Zen. This is the town to eat Sushi in. Most of these Restaurants house everything from Spicy Tuna, to the designer dishes.
5)Mark Twain National Forrest-This is a pretty vast establishment. Located on the right side of Highway 65 headed north. It spans a lot of 65. Its a little hard to get in and out of but may be worth the Journey.
Things for Kids to do in Branson

Things to Do in Branson for Kids

Things to do in Branson for Kids

Branson, mo is a great place for things to do with Kids. It has a wholesome attitude, and friendly demeanor unprecedented. Though it is hard in some vaction spots to find Things to do with Kids.

The people are friendly for the most part and realize that Tourist make up a great part of the economy. Don’t stop at the Branson Tourism Bureau when everything you need is right here. Some new things opened in 2016 and their legacy will be carried on in 2017. People seem to love Bransonisfun.com’s top ten lists so I will present them in that format. And don’t forget to visit Bransonisfun.com

1) Fritz’s Adventure-just completed in 2016 this is an amazing healthful adventure, where kids can go through mazes, bunchy cord stuff, climb walls and all kinds of things. This was built right next to Dixie Stampede so this is the place to go, when you bring the kids to Branson, and need to find things fun to do.

2)SDC-Silver Dollar City brings it over and over and over. They constantly improve the park for safety and entertainment. This staple is always and will always be worth checking out.

3)Bumper Boats-lined through out this is worth a go, to kill some extra time. There are bumper boats on the East and the West of the strip so check them out.
4)hollywood Wax Museum-open all year round, and a great thing to do in the winter, this is worth a go. Stars molded in wax from some of the most current films is just around the corner. Located just steps away from our next guest, the titanic you must check this out.
5)The Titanic-This version of the Titanic hasn’t been hit by the iceberg yet, and is an awesome reflection of this historic ship an event. Guests get to figure out if they were a passenger that survived. Orgionaly slated for just five years, they have carried well beyond that. Branson Titanic is located right across from Clay Cooper Theater and Walgreens.
These five will wet your appetite until we do a part two enjoy!

Here’s a link to my origional blog.

Branson Says Goodbye to an amazing entertainer

Branson says Goodbye to Tom Mullica an amazing entertainer!


If anyone could  market themselves, this guy could. I used to see his advertisements everywhere dressed as the Lovable Hobo. Talent to say the least, was an understatement. After his show ended, I didn’t realize he actually had stayed around Branson. From time to time, I would glance over and see him in the supermarket, but that hasn’t happened in the last couple of years.
I remember the Huge sign over at the mansion theater with him on the side of the building, before the Peter Pan show came in. It was so large it really got your attention. And it inspired questions. Like was this guys interprettation of Red Skelton that good. And was there anything else he could do. And I thought this guy must have some chops to carry a theater of this size. And he did for several years. He did an amazing tribute to Red Skelton, and that was his show here in Branson.
     Another bit of his claim to fame was his vanishing cigarette tricks. If you haven’t seen it you have to. His artistry in these magic tricks is amazing. A magician, a mime, a clown, this guy had it all. I’m sorry to say I never stopped in on one of those Branson, Mo  nights to check out, this amazing entertainer. R.I.P, Tom Mullica.
 Pop over to Bransonisfun.com for more of the story!
A cool picture of Tom in his hobo make up as Red skelton.

How to Avoid Branson Tourist Traps

How to Avoid Branson Tourist  Traps

As you all know I love where I live, I love Branson. And as with any tourist areas, there are always a couple of bumps in the road. And in Branson the tourist traps are prevalent, and sometime worth avoiding. 

1. If the sign on the outside of the business seems to good to be true, it probably is. 

2. If you go in and they try to step you over to something other than buying tickets for your show, i.e. a timeshare tour, a meeting, a sit down, beware they want to sell you something else. This is a  trap!

3.If they ask for a $200.00 deposit on the phone its probably a little fishy.

4. If they call you on the phone via a telemarketer its probably a trap. 

5.If they want you to go somewhere other than the theater or the attraction to pick up your tickets, or get your deposit back its probably a trap. 

6. If they have a great sign outside, and when you get inside they only have shows that no one would ever go see its probably a __________! Sing it aloud with me. lol

These are six great ways to protect yourself from ____________ and have a great time in Branson. 

Leave your comment below about good and bad experiences you’ve had in B town. 

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I saw 50 Santa’s getting on a Ferris Wheel

I saw 50 santa clauses getting on a farris Wheel

Branson is known for Crazy Family fun, and 50 Santa’s on a Ferris Wheel is no different. And fun that is safe and wholesome at the same time, is hard to find.
     Well yesterday I was driving past the new Ferris Wheel, and Fifty Santas were lined up outside. i paused for a second and though “Only in Branson” would you see this. Well not just there, sitting in my office as well over at the majestic Stone Castle hotel. When I stop over and eat their great breakfast, with Eggs, sausage, waffles, and all the trimmings. There are always a ton of Santas over here as well. You see there is, you guessed it, a Santa Convention in town. In all months, July. I’ve been behind them in their cars, the breakfast line, and even the Ferris Wheel. They have been having their convention here for a while now, and we are glad to have them. See more of this story at Santa’s Invade Branson

New Things coming to Branson-06/01/2017

New Things Coming to Branson in 2017

There are a ton of New things coming to Branson. As of this month, there are 6 New attractions being built. From bigfoot, to Fritz, to land being cleared for who knows what off of 165.  Branson seems to be evolving from a theater and shopping conglomerate, to a new type of town. With tons of exciting rides to attract a younger age audience. Sarah Evans played the Mansion the other night, and she seems to attract a younger audience as well.

As I drive around town, seems like a lot of construction is going on, so we shall see. We shall see. Check out the site, we have a totally new look.

Mysterious Castles of Branson Mo

stone castle

There are many Mysterious castles in Branson, mo or them there hills. The castle is a remarkable concept for Marketing in this part of the world. A castle can be a hotel, a waterpark, a church, or a secret mansion in the hills. That’s why I called this from Renaissance to Redneck. From brick to silent fortress, this article is a must read. Here is my top list of Castles Here in Hillbilly Heaven.

1)Stone Castle Hotel & conference center-this is agreat place. Really utiliyzing the Castle Theme. Spread out over 5 Acres, this Stone fortress, has the draw bridge and the whole buffett. Knights in shining armour on horseback adorn the property for your liking. A must see when your in Branson town.

2)Castle Rock-A premiere waterpark, right across the street from Stone Castle. It boasts all the effects of a great castle, the cobblestone, the rounded edges, and a huge sun deck on the side of the building.

3)King’s Quarters Hotel-another great hotel located near Sight and Sound theater. More of just a name than a themed hotel, it just goes to show you the abundance of Castles in Branson.

4)The castle @ Celebration City-This now houses Woodland Hills church. Which is worth checking out on Sunday morning. This Castle adorns to the left of Celebration City and has several offices that adjoin with it. A beautifull space.

5)Pensmore mansion-the Highly acclaimed secretive mansion just soouth of Ozark, is a contractor of Castles dream. Bullet proof, bomb proof, and Tornado proof, this has quite the view of 65 highway. Headed from Springfield look to your left (East) right before the salvage yard. Its an amazing structure.

Branson at its best!

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