Homeless in Branson 2-Where people live who work in Branson and what they can do


This was such a controversial article I had to do a second. If you weren’t able to catch the first article here is a copy right here. http://bransonisfun.com/homeless-in-branson/

As I was out driving around this week, I had done a story on panhandling,as I felt like this was coming back. And I was right, as I was driving down green mountain drive yesterday I saw a girl with a sign that said Stranded, broke and need money. She was standing on the side of Green Mountain as the City has passed an ordinance where you can’t stand at an intersection. And she looked to be in desperate need. So this is coming back a bit, occasionally during the summer they congregate around Price Chopper walmart area on 76. So this issue isn’t done yet. But it also sits on top of another issue, about all the Hotels that people live in and work jobs in the area. But I think we need more, a lot of these little jobs, just don’t go anywhere They last 9 or 10 months, and then the jobs end, and the people try and make it for the winter, or move somewhere else. And a lot of Hotels that are extended stay are full for the winter. The bus routes also stop at these hotels on 76, to get their Kids to school. This problem is still very apparent, and there has got to be something that can be done, in the area. From my trip to Springfield last weekend, and homeless people were at every corner I stopped at, and I’m still seeing them in Branson. I think as a community we’ve got to develop some transitionary  Housing to get people out of the hotels. Just my thoughts for the Day, chime in below with your opinion.

The Greatest Magician Branson, mo has ever known? Vote Below

I have seen lots of amazing Magic over the years here in Branson. From Kirby to Melinda Lady of Magic to Darren Romeo (Where there was music in his magic)That actually was his slogan. And he was endorsed by Sigfreid and Roy from Las Vegas. And I have come to several conclusions. That there has been some phenomenal Magic here for the price.

Here’s a list of some of the best Magicians and shows I’ve seen and who I think is the best. Leave your comment below about who you think is the best. Thanks

1)Darren Romeo @ The Welch resort, he did some really cool tricks some of them right in front of my face, he levitated a ball throughout the Audience and he had a great assistant with him as well, this was a 5 star show.

Darren Romeo

2)Kirby Van Burch

His shows have always been great. His last stop was Lodge of the Ozarks. But I was most impressed when he was at his own theater. He did the Helicoptor dissapearance trick, brought the Tigers out and did the Clairovoyance technique with Bambi. He was very good.


3)Taylor Reed-this guy has quite a flair on stage, I even brought my son to see the show and he loved it. Taylor will go above and beyond to promote his shows wherever he is playing, and I’ve seen him go around to restaurants in the morning and do tricks for kids just to promote his show. He’s very good with sleight of hand, and the bigger illusions too, he is not to be missed.

4)Bart Rocket-this guy gets the big illusions and Magic in General. He was performing at the old Christie Lane Theater, and was there for quite a while.  He drew pretty good size crowds and wowed them.

5)Kirby Vanburch & Brett Daniels-the first half was Brett Daniel & the second half was Kirby. Brett’s sleight of hand is amazing. There was a lot of Magic in town at the time so I saw two or three magic shows that year. Brett also levitated above the crowd for his end of show before Kirby came out. And Kirby and Bambi did the mind reading trick.


These were the best I’d seen over the years and #6 is Honorable Mension

6)Melinda and her magical mansion-She performed for many years at the mansion theater. Drew nice crowds and brought magic from Las Vegas and did very well here.

Melinda sax

Panhandeling in Branson-Fact or Fiction


A few years ago it was an apparent problem. People were sitting  at several locations. Mostly where the most traffic would come in to 76. Asking for donations for this or that. They would walk a strait line on the median, or sit on a bucket and hold signs and different things to encourage visitors to donate to their cause.  It was and can be a huge problem during the season. And had become one as of such, that the News even covered it. Their main locations, were in front of Price Chopper,Walmart on Branson Hills,and at the entrance of 76. Last weekend 01/08/17 my wife and I drove to Springfield and they were every where their at the Glenstone exit off of James River expressway, at the tip of the Battlefield mall. And at the other end of Battlefield. And it reminded me of the time that they were everywhere here in B-town. Most of them were living at the first Hotel on the right across from the Beymont Hotel I think it as called the Roland Motel. They would Panhandel all day with maybe a set of crutches and a leg brace, rack up the cash and walk home. Some of them said they could make around $300 a day, which would help pay for their weekly stay, and a meal for the night. Finally the City got the message and had a meeting.

On 2/24/15 The city of Branson passed an ordinance against Panhandling at interesections. So far this seems to be working, as I haven’t seen as many out working the streets.

Homeless in Branson

Homeless in Branson-Where people who work in the area Live,Without a Home!

Which Branson Elvis do you prefer?

Which Branson Elvis do you Prefer?

There have been many cool Elvis’s over the years that helped Branson get on its feet and they’ve all been incredible. Some are still around today and some have moved to bigger, smaller, or different markets. All described an element of Elvis’s historic rise throughout the years. So here we go.

1)Dean Z as Elvis-this guy is phenomenal. Before my wife and I got married we took everybody to Legends the night before. Dean Z was the final act, as the young ready to Rock 50’s Elvis. And he brought the house down.

DEan Z

2)Tony Roy as Elvis-this guy has a Charisma all his own. And has the confidence and Stamina as perhaps the later 1970’s Elvis with a touch of Elvis 50’s classic. He can sing, do all the Elvis moves and is just simply Amazing. Worth checking out next time your in Branson.

Tony Roi

3. Jerry Presley-Elvis’s cousin Jerry Prestley puts on an amazing show. He salutes Elvis very well and brings a certain element only Family Can bring.


4. Elvis and the superstars-This guy drove a very flashy corvette around town with his shows signs on top of his car.  I heard him once live and he was pretty good.

5.Joseph Hall-this guy is an amazing Elvis and has even performed on many TV shows as Elvis. Originally at the Americana theater this guy, could bring the house down. He is a must see, when you come to town. If anyone knows where he is performing now please let me know. Also leave in the comments below which one is your favorite Elvis.

Joseph hall

The Day the Branson Roller Coaster Died

Whenever an iconic entity dies in Branson, a part of it dies with the local folk. And it was no different the day the wooden- rustic roller coaster came down at Celebration City.  Hedged on several sides by rope and wire, they pulled and they pulled until the roller coaster fell. The folks who filmed the event waited for nearly a day to get the shot of the coaster coming down. Celebration City which is owned by Silver Dollar city, decided it was time to demo. And demo they did. Some of the wood was donated to the church that resides inside the park of Celebration City. The Church Woodland Hills family church used the wood to make different items. And donated pieces to the congregation.
More on the roller coaster here!

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5 Branson Stars Who sang their last note in Branson before Being called home

5 Branson Stars who sang their last note in Branson before being called home

If you had one place to die in this world, why wouldn’t you choose Branson. Well, these country music legends all played their last full show in Branson, Mo or had theaters. Some passed during the boom years, and some did a twenty year stint here. This is my list and I’m sticking to it. lol!
1} BoxCar Willie-he is number 1 in my book. He went out like no one else. Box had a theater here,on the majestic strip, and when he passed they closed 76 down. Yep! closed it down. A hearse containing Box’s body, crawled all the way down all 7 miles of that strip to Highway 65. I had never seen anything like this in my life. I thought it was an incredible salute to a great man. Who helped promote Branson in the 70’s long before it was anything and everything.
2)Andy Williams-did a lot for the sport that is Branson now. Also owned a theater on 76, and worked hard for over 20 years to promote this town, and has also been a doorway for other acts, such as the Osmonds. (Osmonds.com) He always owned the Mcguffy’s building right next to his theater and leased that out to them for 15 or so years. Until he took it back over and created,The Andy Williams Moon river Grill. His Mama’s pot pie was to die for.
3)Waylon Jennings-played the Lowe’s theater across from Roy Clarks on and off for a few years in the early 90’s before dying. I used to see his billboard and new he was a Country Music legend. His shows did Ok, but while Branson was just becoming a brand, his career was winding down.
4)Roger Miller-he passed sometime after his run in Branson. But he did some amazing shows. Telling stories about characters he’d know in the industry and did some comedy himself. Very nice to everyone and humble.
5)Conway Twitty has got to take the cake. The crooner, played a lot of shows, as he was quite a traveler around the three states doing shows. Conway Twitty (twenty) died on his tour bus in between shows, I believe of a Ruptured Blood Vessell.  For some reason this always struck me kind of weird as I had met in a couple of times. Check out my other blogs by clicking the arrow at the top of the page!
6)For more stars who didn’t make it click here!

Bigfoot Sightings in Branson, Mo-Branson Attractions

Bigfoot Sightings in Branson, mo


No its not the kind of Big foot that could kick the winter blues. But its still a good one, or great one. Bigfoot is coming. The ride and it will over look the luxurious 76 strip, and the 7 acres of Days Inn property. Giving visitors something to smile about. And plenty of internet video and pictures to boot. All of the approvals have been met, with maybe a few still left on the table over at the city. This project has been in the works for a while, and will make a fine edition to Branson. And bring some much needed excitement to Branson, once again.
More on bigfoot right here     We haven’t had any editions to rides on the stip, and guests have had to travel over to SDC to take a gander at taking a challenge of something like this. And with our roller coaster at Celebration being torn down, hopes of this kind of thing coming back, seemed slim.
Branson has always been known for safe, fun excitement, and this will be no exception. The area that it is going up in, has some amusement already budding there, and this will be a fine addition.

Branson Traffic Tricks-How to get to your locations fast

I was driving on 76 the other day, and I noticed a sneaky trick. One out of three hundred cars try this.

As you line up with all the other cards to make your left turn onto 76, from 65. There is always this one car that thinks hey I can cruise over here in this empty lane and then at the last minute work my way into traffic.And I won’t have to stay stacked up here in traffic. It happens a lot, and people do it all the time, form multiple places on this great U.S. of A.

Step 1-Pick your destination

Step 2-Decide where your coming from

Step 3-find a back road or side road that is congruent with where you want to go. And every time you visit, get familiar with taking those back roads and you can’t go wrong. Especially in the Spring and summer Branson can get pretty hot, and pretty crazy with traffic so each time you come, is another chance to get used to using Gretna road and fall creek road, and the new road next to Dixie Stampede. Happy travels from Bransonisfun.com Post your traffic tricks for Branson below and subscribe right here: Branson traffic tricks

Branson at its best!

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