Good News Shepherd of the Hills will be back!

Good News Shepherd of the Hills will be back!

I just got the news the other day, that Shepherd has been sold to new investors. And I’m so glad to hear this. It didn’t take them long to see all the great potential that these properties hold. From the zipline, to the car show that is coming in August, to so many things. My family and I always pass by there on the way to church, and it just looked so sad being empty. So I’m glad to see several investors have bought it. For more on this story check out

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Why I think the Grand Palace is not open

Why I think the Grand Palace is not open

Well, at this point I’m beginning to scratch my head. As I drive to my office everyday I go by this amazing Giant. I don’t see very much activity, all I see is a website on their sign, that says for more info go here. And I’ve seen several major Holidays go by (July 4th today) and the whole summer is coming to a close and it’s still not open. From starting my own business, and learning a lot from that. I think the new owners got in here, and realized they didn’t have a concept big enough to fit these grand walls. All four of them. I mean think about it, you have a 4000 seat theater, huge backstage area, an aparmtent, and a cascading stairwell. Leasing stores in there is an idea, but it’s just not a strong enough idea. The Grand Palace 2017 is probably turning into Grand Palace 2018. As usual we are hoping for the best.

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Top Places to watch Fireworks in Branson Mo on the 4th of July

Top Places to watch Fireworks in Branson Mo on the 4th of July

4th of July in Branson, is always such an exciting thing. With tons of things to see and do. I always go to the landing myself, as some years they’ve had a Journey tribute band, and they are awesome. Branson Fireworks will leave you breathless at times, so it’s important to pick the perfect place to go. Here are my top picks

1)Chateau on the Lake


3)Fall Creek Resort-this is directly across from Chateau on the lake and runs just before the Chateaus fireworks.

These are my top picks for where to go to see some amazing fireworks enjoy!

Amazing Creatures of Branson, Mo-Shows that boast live Animals Past & Present

Amazing Creatures of Branson, Mo-Shows that Boast Live Animals Past & Present

Over the years, and now Animals have always been a nice touch to a lot of our shows. They’ve also kept people coming back again, and again. We’ve had a little bit of everything here, so why not a list of all the Magical creatures we’ve had perform over the years.

1)Amazing pets-seem to be the longest running theater show in Branson that has kept an animal theme alive. From magical cats, to dogs, to just about anything that can do a trick, worth checking out for some good laughs.

2)Promised Land Zoo-I’ve heard nothing but great reviews, about this place. Located on Shepherd of the Hills Expressway, the Animals in this place are the bomb.

3)Dixie Stampede-the stables as you walk into the show, are amazing. They have all kinds of different Horses that are used in the show. They keep the stables really clean and take fantastic care of all their animals. A pro act through and through.

4)Bransons Wild World-been around for a bit, this has a lot of cool things to see, and located closer to Branson West.

Honorable Mention-Kirby’s Amazing Cats,Five Star Theaters Arangatangs,and Mutton Hollows Mules.

Amazing Pets Reviews

Amazing Pets Branson Coupons  Down Home Country

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Top 10 Things to do Downtown Columbus Indiana


Top 10 things to do Downtown Columbus Indiana.

There is so much to do, I don’t even know where to begin.

1)Bike Riding-rent bikes at the Visitors center or anywhere downtown and take  a quick tour of some of the greatest Architecture known to man.

2)Coffee-there are several great coffee companies to enjoy. I had a great Chai tea lattee, at Lucabee Coffee Company. Very good.

3)Architecture tour-the visitor’s center has an architecture tour.

4)Mill Race Park-so beautiful you have to go there and see it and go up in the tower.

5)Eat-we ate at a great little Bar there, dining was for 21 years of age or older. It was called Yates and it was fantastic.

6)Bookstore-there is a great little bookstore downtown, that has some great books.

7)Go to the movies-great little movie place that has some independent movies, and some current stuff.

8)Sidewalking-tons of places to walk and see the sites

9)Property tours-tons of old houses to take pictures of and enjoy!

10)sit in a cafee-lots of space to sit and enjoy the sites, traffic, and breeze. Check out the videos below

Kids Commons Columbus Indiana Shopping in Columbus Indiana

Harlequin Theater Zaharkos Ice cream Columbus Indiana


Attractions that need to Rise from the Dead in 2017

Attractions that Need to Rise from the Dead in 2017

Picture the perfect, Serene, exciting summer in Branson, Mo. What would have to happen. Well, just about every attraction that could would be open and ready to go! Well right now that’s not the case, and this list is the honerable mention of that scenario. So pull up your boot straps, and hang on, this list is not for the feint of Heart.

1)Shepherd of the Hills-we want this one open, as it celebrates the History in them there Hills. Right now they are looking for an investor, and I hope they find one. This place is Beautiful

2)Grand Palace-IT’s been quite a roller coaster ride, and now it’s time or the Roller Coaster to stop. And for the palace to open. Not sure what it’s going to be, but I’m sure it will be Grand!

3)Kirby Van Burch show-this guy had the knack for a Magic Attack. I’ve seen his show several times, and it was always great. Even at the Grand Palace, with Jeff Daniels. Quite an amazing show, we hope he gets back on his feet soon enough.

4)Vigilantee Extreme Zipline-Hosted by Shepherd of the Hills this thing is amazing. When Shepherd of the Hills opens back up, I’m sure this one will too.

5)Inspiration Tower-again out at SOH this one is not to be missed. All of Bransons Masterpieces can be seen from a top this Eiffel Tower of Branson.

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The Homeless of Highway 76 Branson, Mo

The Homeless o Highway 76

There is so much, going on, on Highway 76, you wouldn’t believe that there are Homeless people moving back and forth. As 76 is a place of lights, and stars, and movers. But daily as I drive into Branson, I see them, and I see them working hard. Walking from their jobs, carrying humongous back packs, and breaking there backs to get to their temporary housing. And I feel for them. And I’m glad to know that there are places they can go, and things that can help them. Often I go work out at First Baptist Church, and see them. FBC has a donation program, for the Homeless there. And often help these people of the streets. Between the downtown area, and the start of 76’s beginning, they often walk, as it’s a good area for economical transitionary Housing,

And sometimes it’s over 100 degrees out, as they go from place to place. I think the no panhandeling ordinance has slowed them down a bit, but I still see them around town. With a collection plate or two. Most live in the hotels in town, to make travel easier with out a car. So next time you see one or two, feel free to lend a hand, they could probably use one or two.

5 ways to save on your Restaurant Bill in Branson, mo


5 Ways to Save on your Restaurant bill in Branson, mo

We are excited to have our tourists, and families in town keeping Branson great. I just wanted to include some ways to save on the food bill while you are in Branson.

1)Kids eat free at a lot of Restuarants. Qdoba on the landing, kids meals are free on Saturday and Sunday. So it’s worth a look to see which restaurants offer this item, and which don’t. But for some families this could range in the $15-$20 range.

2) Continental Breakfast-most Hotels offer some kind of breakfast depending on the price point of the room. If the room is in the $60 range, they offer some kind of Breakfast in the morning. Holiday Inn, Comfort Inn, Honeysuckle Inn, are all properties that have a great breakast.

3)The Branson Half Price card-the book and card run about $20 bucks and has all kinds of discount to Restaurants all over town. This is worth picking up and will pay for itself as you use it, and then some.

4)The icebox in the room-with that handy icebox you can store snacks and food leftovers, in it that might create a meal while the kids are playing at the pool or the night. Don’t miss out on this savings.

5)Price Chopper-located right in the heart of town, has all kinds of takeout these days, from Sushi to Salad. Take out can severely reduce your food bill.

5 Ways to get discounts to Silver Dollar City

5 Ways to get Discounts to Silver Dollar City

There are many ways to Save on SDC tickets. And they are all secrets. SDC is a pillar of attraction in our community, and at times hosts over 30,000 visitors in our community. So much to do, in so little time, this is worth a look.

1)Check with Country Mart, there is a certain day of the week they offer discount SDC tickets. Country Mart has several locations, the one I would suggest, is the one on 248 to start. I believe the day is Tuesday, but you do have to be present in the store to buy them.

2)Your Mcdonald’s receipt-that’s right on the back of that, they over a $5.00 off per tickets. Don’t just throw that receipt away next time.

3)Two day pass-there is a two days for the price of one pass, that you can get where you come in after 3:00 and they let you in the next day as well.

4)Price Cutter offers a deal on SDC tickets, and I believe they are located in Springfield, might be some info on there website.

5)State Employees get a Discount at the City, the state website has all kinds of info on how to do this.

So that’s it so far, check out our site for more info.

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Silver dollar city tickets two for one

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Rock Stars from Missouri you would of Never known

Rock Stars from Missouri you would of Never Known

With the passing of Chuck Berry, I think it’s appropriate to write a story about Rock Stars from Missouri. Here is our list, that is sure to surprise you. 

1)Chuck Berry-the master of the Johnny B Goode Style of guitar, he passed just a little while ago, who would of thought that he was from Missouri. He was from St. Louis

2)Michael Mcdonald

3)Sheryl Crow I went to a John Mayer show one time in St. Louis, and Sheryl Crow was given the headlining spot, even though John Mayer was the bigger artist. I guess she was from St. Louis as well. 

4)David Cook-the American Idol Winner  He hails from Blue Springs, mo. 

5)Ozark Mountain Daredevils I often hear about these guys around here in Branson. And I’ve heard they have played Lampee many of times. 

6)Missouri The Band-no need to describe here. 

7) Cavo

8)Puddle of Mudd-Kansas City area -this was a great band back in the day, so they deserve an awesome shout out for being from Missouri.

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