Top Hotels Near Table Rock Lake

Amongst all the great things to do in Branson, Mo. Table Rock lake, it seems at times to be the best kept secret. And there are some great hotels to stay at, along the way. To save time, and send you to the lake faster.

  1. Fall Creek inn & Suits-the folks that run this hotel are amazing. Very nice and easy to get along with, and always a pleasure to deal with.
  2. Trophy Run resort-right across the street from Ta

    ble rock. This is a very nice place from check in to check out.

  3. Stone Castle Hotel-great place with great people.

What’s new at the Grand Palace 2018

Every year seems to come, meander on, and go for the Grand Palace. It's a huge testament of old Branson, and could be something new and massive. Other projects seem to be coming around the grand palace, and there it sits. Once helmed by Glenn Campbell, Louise Mandrell, and many many stars. Including some we shouldn't mention (Bill Cosby). It was a place for little and big named stars. But not anymore. The grass is being cut, and parking lots policed, but not much else. We are still looking for big things in 2018 from the palace. So we shall see. 

Is the Historic Baldknobbers Theater on 76 going to be knocked to the ground??

Wii the Historic Baldknobbers Theater on 76 going to be knocked to the ground? 

In Branson these days, you have to be ready for change. So many buildings have come and gone in lieu of change. And because markets change, people, and places. Wonder works is coming to Branson.

What will happen to this historic theater? Are theaters going away, and Family attractions coming instead? A resounding yes! Is the answer. Wonderworks is a large family style attraction, that is similar to Ripley’s believe it or not. And have historically changed the front of all their attractions. There isn’t much that can be done, and to do an edition of this kind, would take a determination from a structural engineer. One thing is for sure the theater way of Branson is leaving, and a new way is coming to town. Leave comments below, if you think the theater should go?

Branson’s Top Illusionists of All Time

Branson’s Best Illusionists of All Time

Over the years, I have seen a great number of Magicians short and tall come through Branson. But that doesn’t mean, they weren’t strong on stature. Here’s a cool list of some of the best that have made their home here. And some that are still here.

1)Kirby Van Burch-First came to town with the Five star theater. Quite an opus of entertainment it was. Designed to be a Theater’s theater, it even had it’s own spotlight that shined at night and into the morning. He was really the first man of magic, to call Branson home. His tricks were amazing. From sawing a women in half, to Lion’s and tigers, and even making a helicopter disappear.

2)Darren Romeo-was a wee man of magic. Brought to town by Sigfreid and Roy, he was sponsored by them. He was great at up close magic and all kinds of stuff.  Put on one heck of a show out at the Welk resort. “Where there music in his magic, and magic in his music.”

3)Jeff Daniel-not the guy your thinking of from Dumb & Dumberer. This guy was one of the best up close street magic magicians, ever seen. He combined with Kirby at the Grand Palace to put on one heck of a show. With up close magic, and Grand Illusion. It was one of the best I had ever seen.

4)Bart Rocket-presiding in the old Christy Lane Theatrer, this guy could work a room. And bring in illusions to suit any crowd. During his tenure Branson was in a bit of a transition, but he did very well.

5)Malinda @ the Magical Mansion-This was a great show. She wore chaps to create quite an atmosphere at her show. And did quite well with different sword illusions and different things. She was great.

These are the top five illusionists of all time. Stay tuned for more Swashbucklers tomorrow. Or the next day. thanks

Little Hacienda-Branson Restaurant review-not great

Little Hacienda Branson Restaurant review

I’m a big fan of Mexican food, and a big fan of Branson. So I always hate it when a meal doesn’t work out the way I’d like.  But this one did not.

3375 Little Pete rd


#Decor-it had great design and furniture and even patio furniture

#Service was good, and people were nice.

#Great care was taken with appearance


#Recipees were complex, and just didn’t deliver

#Lots of sauces and topings that just didn’t go together. Highs and lows that just didn’t work together.

#no flavor really, to speak off.

Unfortunately, I won’t go back. I really wanted this to work, and have eaten at other vesions of this restaurant and they were good. This one looked a bit lonely at their new location. We shall see how the summer goes.


Young Christians Weekend this week at SDC

Young Christians Weekend this week at Silver Dollar City

Well it’s another big year, out at Silver Dollar city. And this weekend April 6th-9th, SDC celebrates the young Christian. With rides, roller coasters, and food. And lots of it, to sink your teeth into. There are several hotels that still have rooms for the weekend. Holiday Inn Express on the strip, Honeysuckle Inn, and the Stone Castle Hotel. Branson also has more things to do than ever, including restaurants, indoor water parks, shopping and live shows. So don’t miss this opportunity to get away and create some enjoyment for the kids.

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