New Things coming to Branson in 2018

New Things coming to Branson in 2018

So much to talk about and so little time. From roller coasters, to Restaurants, Branson will be your place for 2018.

1)Billy Bob’s Dairlyand is headed over to the old Great Southern Bank building on highway 76. All the great food from a fantastic location, right across from Apple tree mall.

2)The Grand Palace is set for a partial demo. So it will be exciting to see what will go in there. But plans are in the works.

3)Roller coasters, Roller coaster-the one on Highway 76 is now open. And ready to go. They’ve even stayed open in the winter. Right across the street from Price chopper, and Walmart. Worth a check.

4)Zipline on 65 North-has added a winter slide. We drove by the other day, and people were line up to tube down this thing. It looked grand. And it’s right in front of the Mark Twain National Forrest.

5)Longhorn’s steakhouse-there is a new Sheriff in town, in the steakhouse department. Located right in the old Melody Lane Inn slot, next to Baldknobbers. A must check out when you have time.


2 thoughts on “New Things coming to Branson in 2018”

  1. When is Branson going to expand its City Limits. Taney,Stone ,Counties and others are using all of Bransons streets,etc. The counties get all the home and property taxes,etc. Branson gets none. All because Branson, City fathers don’t want Branson to grow. I have news for them. It’s growing all around them and using all that Branson has to offer. At no cost to the counties. It’s election year. Vote for some new people .

    1. Hi John, very good comment. I agree, every time, I go to Forsythe (the county seat) I realize how much they benefit from Branson to keep their little town growing. I think it is coming, it’s just taking a long while. There is a new post coming today, on a new houseing project in Branosn, so stay tuned.

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