Maximize Back to school savings in Branson, Mo-discounts,tax free weekend & More!

Maximize Back to School Savings with Tax free weekend & More!

Sometime there is a fire in them there hills. And here in Branson it’s tax free weekend. (Friday Aug 4th=Friday Aug 6th) There are several ways to maximize your savings. Many online & Brick and mortar stores are having sales. So put these special tools in your tool belt, and come to Branson and grab a vaction & savings.

1)Target-if target is your game there are several things you can do to maximize savings. For one the Target Red card, it saves you an additional 5% on your purchases and you can use it tax free weekend. Also there add comes out every Sunday so get that too. Also you’ll save tax as well on any school oriented purchases.

2)Walmart-is also another maverick involved in Back to school extravaganzas and it’s online add is worth a look before you come to town. It’s not as glamorous as target, but worth the time.

3)Tanger Mall-At Tanger it’s about the stores. So much variety for any back to school ensemble, this is a must stop. Sketchers, Nike,Polo,Oshkosh, Vitamin world and one and on. Vitamin world was a joke bTW. So much to do and so little time.

There is more to come in the part two of this story. thanks for reading.


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