Is the Historic Baldknobbers Theater on 76 going to be knocked to the ground??

Wii the Historic Baldknobbers Theater on 76 going to be knocked to the ground? 

In Branson these days, you have to be ready for change. So many buildings have come and gone in lieu of change. And because markets change, people, and places. Wonder works is coming to Branson.

What will happen to this historic theater? Are theaters going away, and Family attractions coming instead? A resounding yes! Is the answer. Wonderworks is a large family style attraction, that is similar to Ripley’s believe it or not. And have historically changed the front of all their attractions. There isn’t much that can be done, and to do an edition of this kind, would take a determination from a structural engineer. One thing is for sure the theater way of Branson is leaving, and a new way is coming to town. Leave comments below, if you think the theater should go?

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