How to get Discount tickets to Dixie Stampede

How to get Discount Tickets to Dixie Stampede

If you look in the right places you can find discounts to almost anything in Branson, Mo. Accept for the top tier shows, attractions, and events, that are always in demand. These kinds of things like Silver Dollar City,Dixie Stampede, Ripleys, and titanic are kind of tough. But here are my tips and tricks for getting discounts to the STEDE.

1)$2.00 of coupons-you can find these at any front desk, just about and they are good for $2.00 off of any ticket.

2)Groupon from time to time will have discounts to Dixie. So they are worth checking out.

3)Reserve Direct carries discount from time to time. So they are worth checking out as well.

4)Combo tickets-when you buy one you get a discount on the second. This is a good way to save as well, if you plan on going to two events. Here’s the link to Dixie’s site

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