Dutton family OK after tour bus crash

Glad to hear the Duttons are ok. But their bus is not. It is total as they were heading out to an event to meet with fans. Here’s the note they sent me.

Dear Lee, We hope all is well with everyone!  We have had an exciting few weeks.  First – we are sad to announce the death of our tour bus.  While we were en route to New Jersey to meet up with a bunch of Dutton Fans for Dutton Cruise 2019, our tour bus decided to learn a new trick and rolled over…literally.  What a miracle it was that all 23 of us walked away from that accident with only bumps and bruises and an overwhelming sense of gratitude.  Our bus is destroyed, and we had a couple of violins crushed in the wreak, but worst human injury was a broken toe and a broken nose on Amy.  What a blessing we all feel to be alive and well – AND we made it on Dutton Cruise 2019 and had an amazing week every with many of you!  

Sad Jon and what is left of the rig.

       Now the funny part about that is, this email is to tell you about our upcoming tour dates – and we don’t even have a replacement bus yet!  But don’t worry, where there is a Dutton, there is a way!  (Or, rather…where there is a Uhaul and a bunch of mini-vans, there is a way…) Coming up right away we have two shows in UTAH – so get ready UTAH – BRANSON is coming to you!!

Dutton family OK after bus crash

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