That Crazy Night at Bobby Vinton’s

That Crazy Night at Bobby Vinton’s Blue Velvet Theater

Hello everybody, thanks for visiting my blog. All my blogs are geared towards celebrating my hometown Branson. So this isn’t a negative towards Branson, this is just  a story of what happened to me one night.

In the 90’s I was doing spotlight at the Roy Clark Celebrity theater. And I thought all spotlights were alike. A guy a new, a Texas looking guy, with a cowboy hat. Approached me about subbing for him at another theater, while he couldn’t make it. He was doing spotlight, somewhere else at the time. So I agreed. I showed up at the theater and got to meet Bobby and he was fantastic. He seemed to work very well backstage, so I was pretty impressed. He was very down to earth as well.

When I got up to the spotlight area, I realized I had never run these kinds of spotlights before. I had run a limousine style spotlight, which was very large and bulky. I’m even surprised today, that I showed up for the job, as I was nervous. When the show took off they gave me a headset, which  couldn’t run either, and would coach me through the set. At one point I had literally missed all my cues. So I went dark, but the other guys were very patient. As they needed someone desperately. So I persevered! The Glenn  Miller orchestra he had at the time was fantastic. Couples would get up and dance as Bobby sand and I thought that was awesome. At the end of the night, they sent me home, and I did not get paid at that time.

Months later I ran into Bobby’s son and he promptly paid me. And said they had to let the spotlight guy go, that I had replaced. So all the way around it turned out to be a great experience.

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