Condemned & Haunted Hotels of Branson, Mo-Watch out, you may have stayed at one

Condemned & Haunted Hotels of Branson, Mo-Watch out, you may have stayed at one!

Branson has been around for a while now, so after a few years, of entertaining Millions and Millions of people, your bound to get a few properties in disarray and maybe even a little Haunted.

#1-Melody Lane inn– a property I’ve been very partial too, this one was a little bit of everything. Haunted and condemned. After the 2012 Tornado, 2.3 Million dollars in damage was done. Doors were blown off of hinges,roofs tossed away and Ghosts upheavled. At least after the storm it wasn’t haunted anymore. At one point we had a couple of Homless people living in the motel.

#2-Fiddlers Inn-knocked down and condemned due to meth amphetamine production, this was a unique property. Allegedly the management crew at the time was renting rooms, and selling meth. The city had it knocked down.

#3 Georgetown inn-right next to Ruby Tuesday’s this was a great little property, that fit snuggly on the lot it was built on. In it’s latter phase it was an extended stay extravaganza. Eventually having no rooms left to rent, from robbing Peter to pay Paul it was knocked down.

#4 Branson royal-What’s in a name, wow. Anyway, this was at the front of 76 when you come right into town. Luckily it was saved and renovated, but being an indoor property, it hosted many ghosts. In it’s last pre renovation existence it was on it’s last legs.

#5 the Thunderbird inn-Located near the Baldknobbers on that side of town,this gem was a piece of Branson History. It had the look and feel of Branson’s country music heyday.

#6-Ria Motor Inn-hit by the storm of 2012 this was a mix of extended stay opulence and regular tourists.

#7-Dogwood Inn-this was originally a Holiday Inn back in the 80’s and even hosted the Gary Smalley marriage seminars that were seen on TV in the early 90’s. A very cool place but was closed for a while back in the day.

#8  Blue Bayou moter inn-this was quite a place as well, and a great symbol of Branson’s yesteryear, it was in it’s last phase before the 2012 Tornado took it on to rest.

#9 Silver Fountain Inn-located next to Dixie Stampede, this was just bought torn down and Fritz adventure now sits where this was

More crazy stories to come!

Leave your comment below of your favorite hotels from yester year!

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