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2019 Top Branson Attractions

Shrek the Musical Welk Resort

So Many attractions and so little time. Lots to see and do for families this year, so let’s get started.

1)Ride the ducks has re-branded it self, into a virtual reality space, with tons of things for the family to do. Located just next to Mcdonalds and Price chopper, this is a must see.

2)Mountain coaster-165 is heating up with this fantastic attractions, right next to Fall Creek Inn & Suits. A must see!

3)Trax has added a sling shot if you will, that spirals in a 360 degrees motion, right on the strip across from price chopper. It’s so huge you can’t miss seeing it.

4)Bigfoot-is still alive and still kicking on the strip. Their booster seat is amazing and worth a shot! No pun intended!

5)Wild World-Just behind Shoney’s and the Holiday inn on 76, this is the place to go to see a huge aquarium!

6)Castle Rock Water park is awesome. They are working away on some upgrades, and if you don’t stay there, you can do the waterpark, with a day pass!

There is so much I’ll have to mention in a second article!

Branson’s Shrek the Musical My Review

Got the opportunity to visit Shrek the Musical last night, at the Amazing Welk resort.

Compliments: If you don’t have your summer plans yet, this amazing play is running for 3 Months only. And is worth every penny. got to attend the opening night, for local eyes only. And I was deeply impressed. Shrek is played with great precision, and easy. The Donkey is played with tons of talent. And Lord Farquad steals the show! You’ll see how he navigates his amazing costumer.

Caveates: It is two and half hours long, with a great finaly and intermission of about fifteen minutes. It might be tough to keep the kiddos attention that long. The theater is spacious and the seats very comfortable. There are about 30-50 people in the cast, and at times, it is hard to take in.

Overall I give it five stars! Out of five!

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Top 10 Attractions in Branson Mo 2019

The New Lazer Tag Center on 76

Welcome Back to my Blog! (05/31/2019) Branson is starting to heat up. Tons of new attractions coming your way! Here is my top ten!

1)Lazer Tag next to Price Chopper & Mcdonalds on the strip-Just newly built, check the picture out above. This is worth a try to see how it’s going to go this year. A must see!

2)Across from the Lazer Tag they are building a new jump seat it looks like. They should have it very soon.

3. Roller Coaster on 165-Great spot to try your hand at this coaster. I hear rave reviews about this ride, so it’s worth a shot.

4.The Chicken House Chicken-I saw this on the way to pick up my car, after the starter had blown and I snapped this picture!

5. Ripley’s believe it or not-still a great place to visit!

6.Titanic-adding lots of different exhibits this year. Including life jackets and Violins from the original ship!

7.The trax-if you love Go carts this is your place! Lots of fun things to do at this awesome complex!

8.Dixie Stampede-is kind of a combination of attraction and good eating. The most popular show in Branson.

9.Velvett auto collection next to legends. This place boast a ton of great cars to look at! Including the car from Ghost busters.

10. Table Rock Lake-Located on Highway 165, you must go out and look at the views!

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Another Branson Giant is closing it’s doors

Another Branson Giant is closing it’s doors

I just love Branson. And I hate to hear, stories of a business closing down. But the Branson mill, after several years, of struggle will be shutting it’s doors. I haven’t gotten word yet of exactly, what day it will be closing. But all the vendors have marked down a ton of their inventory, and there will be more to come. The 90 plus vendors, are looking for somewhere to hand their hats. Rattle Snake Eddie has set up shop on the strip. Which could be good for him. Rattle Snake carries an assortment of leather products, hand made. Guitar straps, and tons of other stuff!

From what I understand the owners, are going to repurpose the area, to keep the little mall with the paddlewheel thriving. But they haven’t announced yet, what it will be . So stay tuned, and when we know, you will know!

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