Branson’s Shrek the Musical My Review

Got the opportunity to visit Shrek the Musical last night, at the Amazing Welk resort.

Compliments: If you don’t have your summer plans yet, this amazing play is running for 3 Months only. And is worth every penny. got to attend the opening night, for local eyes only. And I was deeply impressed. Shrek is played with great precision, and easy. The Donkey is played with tons of talent. And Lord Farquad steals the show! You’ll see how he navigates his amazing costumer.

Caveates: It is two and half hours long, with a great finaly and intermission of about fifteen minutes. It might be tough to keep the kiddos attention that long. The theater is spacious and the seats very comfortable. There are about 30-50 people in the cast, and at times, it is hard to take in.

Overall I give it five stars! Out of five!

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