Branson job hunters tool Kits-land that job with these nifty tips

dick clark

Branson Jobs Hunters tool Kits. As we talked about in past articles, I’ve been in Branson for a while now and have worked for many companies, some have come and gone, and now I own my own company. I’ve done a lot of hiring in these their hills, and I’m going to share with you several things that will get you hired. In my next blog I will tell you several things that won’t. So here we go!

  1. Learn your market-this is a hotel/Motel,Theater, Retail, attraction town. So learn the in’s and outs of your preferred Market. Branson is a great place to start in any of these industry’s, so learn as you go.
  2. Always look professional-dress your best and let it reflect the industry you are applying for. If it’s the front desk, wear a button down shirt,(tucked in)with slacks, a belt and dress shoes. Walmart actually has very economical shoes to get you by, just to get you in the door. For around $15, good dress socks, no white socks, and a button down shirt. This influences managers, as they see you prepared for the interview.
  3. Resume yourself-even if its one page. Clearly state your background and why you want an entry level position. Be polite in the interview and be prepared to talk about where you’ve worked and what you’ve learned.
  4. Be polite to the Secretary-if there is a front desk person, or secretary be super nice. These people influence the boss, and have the boss’s ear. Say goodbye on the way out, and create that memory, the boss will ask them about you.
  5. Call back-after the interview make sure during you get an e.t.a about when their planning to hire, and call them back, if they don’t answer leave a message, managers are busy. This always impresses and shows that you are interested. These five tips are a great start, and #1 takes a little research if you need help with anything email me

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