Branson hotels for Kids

Branson hotels for Kids is a must research before you come to town. The Kids seem to get the short end of the straw sometimes, and there are lots of advantages to picking the right hotel. While searching for entertainment for Kids, as we all know Kids need to be entertained and challenged at the same time, and the right Branson Hotel will hit just the spot. I always do these in lists and organize the information in such a way to help you make the right decision. And there are quite a few hotels to list with indoor and outdoor pools, play lands and all kinds of attractions within walking distance.

1)Castle rock-this is a great hotel and is #1 on this list, as it has an indoor water park attached and is the place to be for Water fun. Its also the Newest of any hotel. Also its within several restaurants on Green Mountain drive. Florentinas is the first one that comes to mind. They have incredible italian food and are close to drive to, or for a nice long walk, in between all the water fun at Castle rock.

Castle Rock

2. Stone Castle hotel & Conference Center-this is a great place and also the Home of as I have my offices there. 3 gorgeous Castle-esque buildings, two pools, and a drawbridge. (What?) The Kids love this place, they also have a great breakfast. Read More here about secret Castles of Branson, Mo.

Branson Castles

stone castle hotel

3. Grand Country-this place is huge and has multiple things for Kids to do. From Pizza to Video games to an indoor water park. Its right on Highway 76, and Qualifies as a great Hotel for Kids. One Caveat is its all consuming and your kids might not want to leave. So choose this opulent master piece carefully.

4.Lodge of the Ozarks-has a great indoor pool, a Restaurant, and is right next door to Ripleys Believe it or not, and the Hughes brothers.  And don’t for get the Track, and the Ferris wheel. Amazing things for the kids to do while they are enjoying the great pool at Lodge of the Ozarks.

5.Welk Resort-this place looks amazing. Is a great Choice for a Kid Friendly Hotel, and is located on 165 across from Point Royal. indoor water park, food, events are also held here, and is close to Table Rock lake a must stay.



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