Branson From A-Z


Ever wondered what happened to this show or that show. Well this can tell you, a veritable dictionary of Branson Who’s who and who’s what right here.

Branson From A-Z                                                                                                    2017

Always Patsy-great show tributing the Late Great Patsy Cline


Andy Williams-Branson Entertainer for many years. His theater still sits next to Shorty Smalls on Highway 76


Amerihost Inn & Suits-was the old Holiday Inn at the first of town then Eagles Landing lodge, then the Amerihost, it is currently the Baymont Inn & Suits


Andy’s Frozen Custard-on the strip with some great custard



Acrobats of China-Theater show at the Yakov SMirnoff theater



Branson Landing-located in downtown Branson tons of shops to enjoy as well as a million dollar fountain

Branson Landing


Branson Mall-Located right next to Walmart still after all these years


Branson Ferris Wheel-Located right next to the tracks family fun parks


Branson Scenic Railway

The Branson Scenic Railway's EMD F9PH at the Branson Landing in Branson, MO.
The Branson Scenic Railway’s EMD F9PH at the Branson Landing in Branson, MO.


Barrington-great Hotel near Shepherd of the hills expressway

Big cedar Lodge-Located on Highway 86 this is a must see, with tons of Cabins, and things for the Kids to do.


Branson Rex Plex-Located on Branson Hills Parkway a great place to workout


Branson Inn-Hotel that was knocked down to build a new hospital that is coming

Bowery Boys-show that was on Shepherd of the Hills which is Red Lobster now

Branson Brothersone of the premiere acts out at SDC for many years, and drew great crowds



Branson Tourism center-Tickets,Shows, attractions and hotel reservations


Blue Bayou-Motel destroyed by the Tornado of 2012

blue bayou


Baldknobbers-one of the first shows on the strip


Butterfly Palace-Located next to RFD on the Hill, very popular


Bowling-east 76 is the only bowling alley we have


Baldknobbers Motel-right in front of well the Baldknobbers


Branson Imax-movies, shows, food

Brady, Gregg-Played Branson for several years 2016 was his last year



Bodies the Exhibition-Short Lived exhibit on shepherd of the hills


Chicken House-right on the strip near the Grand Palace

Chicken House


Chick Filet-Right at the beginning of the strip


Cox Cable company-Across from Cox Hospital


Caulfeld Crossroads-sells crafts and all kinds of stuff across from White Oak Gas Station


College of the Ozarks-tons of things to see and do besides get a great eduction



Chateau on the lake-Great property on Table Rock Lake with over 200 rooms



Clay Cooper theater-at the old Legends, and Osmonds theater


Clarion Hotel-Was the Palace inn in the 90’s and George Bush sr stayed here in the 90’s great place


Charlie Pride theater-rocking in the 90’s is now the White House theater


Days Inn-Located onShepherd of the Hills


Demetries-A great restaurant that had been in multiple location


Dockers Motel-Green Mountain drive


Dominos-Pizza place up on the strip


Dick Clark Celebrity theater-Now home to Legends in Concerts

dick clark


Doug Gabrial Morning show-great show still going strong



Dick’s five and dime-downtown Branson retail shop


Elvis and the Superstars-great show that used to be in the owens theater



First Inn Gold-Located on the strip across from the Grand Palace

Frederik-Waltzing Waters Piano Player



Grand Palace-still standing with big plans to become something, but locals are still not sure what


Hank Williams Revisited-played at the Imax for quite some time


Hughes Brothers-A great Show across from Jim Stafford


Hall Of Fame-great Hotel on the strip across from Hollywood wax


Hollywood wax Museum-Has a  King Kong on top of its building


Indiana Point-tons of things to do, and see and tons of tiny resorts, a must see

Imax Entertainment-Located on Shepherd of the hills expressway



Jim Stafford Theater-Jim Left for a bit and is there now


King Kong-overlooks all of Branson on top of the Hollywood wax museum


Kanakuk Camps-great place for Kids in the summers with a ton of great things to do


Kentucky fried chicken-used to have multiple locations all out of business as of this writing


Lynina Inn-Great motel that is a top 10 on trip advisor on SHepherd of the Hills


Legends in Concert-at the old Dick Clark theater



Lodge of the Ozarks-Located across from Jim Stafford on the Strip and next to the Hughes brothers


Lone Star Steakhouse-located on Green Mountain drive, great for steaks.


Melody Lane inn-hotel destroyed by the tornado in 2012


Mcguffy’s-great Restaurant with almost 6 locations


Osmonds-Played at the old Texans theater for a while and a few others Great group


Presley’s-great show and one of the first



Papa Johns-great Pizza place with two locations on the strip. One next to First inn Gold And one at the beginning of the strip


Raddison-Hotel near the Grand Palace almos 500 rooms


Roy Rogers Museum-locatred behind Olive Garden Now the Legacy theater


Red Lobster-still on Shepherd of the hills


Roy Clark Celebrity theater-Great theater that ended in 1997


Showboat-Owned by SDC this is one of the only lake cruises on Table Rock Lake


SDC-them park that originated in the 60’s



Six-Acapella seeing group that plays in the old Mickey Gilley theater


Spaghatatas’-once located on Green Mountain drive great food


Table Rock Lake-off of 165 Next to the Chateau

Texans-played at the Clay Cooper theater in the 90’s incredible group

Texas Tenors-Great accapela group playing at the Starlight theater

texas tenors


Treasure Lake-on Shepherd of the hills near Imax


Twitty,Conway-Played many shows in Branson right next to the Jim Stafford theater



Target-one in Branson on SHepherd of the hills


Yellow Rose Motel-Located on the falls Parkway this motel has been around for a very long time


Texans-Show from the 90’s where clay cooper is now


Velvett car museum-Located at Dick Clark American Band Stand theater


Vinton, Bobby-entertainer who owned the Bobby Vinton Theater Now called the Kings castle theater it suffered some damage in the 2012 tornado but was re built


Welk Resort-on Highway 65 with a built in water Park


White Water-open during the summer with tons of things for the kids to do


Waltzing Waters-a theater that hosted beautiful dancing waters, and Frederick a piano player

Waltzing waters


Whipper Snappers-located behind the Chicken House


White Oak Station-Multiple Locations at the beginning and end of Shepherd of the Hills

And 165