5 Ways to get discounts to Silver Dollar City

5 Ways to get Discounts to Silver Dollar City

There are many ways to Save on SDC tickets. And they are all secrets. SDC is a pillar of attraction in our community, and at times hosts over 30,000 visitors in our community. So much to do, in so little time, this is worth a look.

1)Check with Country Mart, there is a certain day of the week they offer discount SDC tickets. Country Mart has several locations, the one I would suggest, is the one on 248 to start. I believe the day is Tuesday, but you do have to be present in the store to buy them.

2)Your Mcdonald’s receipt-that’s right on the back of that, they over a $5.00 off per tickets. Don’t just throw that receipt away next time.

3)Two day pass-there is a two days for the price of one pass, that you can get where you come in after 3:00 and they let you in the next day as well.

4)Price Cutter offers a deal on SDC tickets, and I believe they are located in Springfield, might be some info on there website.

5)State Employees get a Discount at the City, the state website has all kinds of info on how to do this.

So that’s it so far, check out our site for more info. http://bransonisfun.com

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