Secret Shortcuts to Silver Dollar City

Secret Shortcuts to Silver Dollar City

Tired of the long car lines to get into Silver Dollar City. I am too! As I’m driving home everyday, I see a few hundred cars stacked up at SDC. People driving to the middle of the line to get over. And some steadfastly sitting at the end of the line. Hoping for it to go down. But there are some secrets. If you add up the amount of time spent waiting in those lines, there are faster ways.

Way#1-Hit Highway 265 from Shephard of the hills or 165. There is a left turning lane and you can get in that without starting at the back.

Way#2 -If it’s a busy Saturday, go up 86 and cuts across Kimberling city and come down, it might take you 30 minutes but traveling east down, will save you 30 minutes of sitting in traffic.

Way#3-hit the high road and come in from 65 South or North. People won’t slight you from coming in this way, and let you in line.

Three very cool ways to save an hour of time trying to get in the city!