17 Dead in Ride the Ducks accident last night-updated 9:00 PM

17 Dead in Ride the Ducks accident last night

During the storm last night,  two Ride the Ducks boats were on Table Rock  Lake.  17 people have died so far, and authorities are still searching for a few more. Several were transported to Cox Hospital downtown Branson.  Several are in Critical condition.  The President tweeted his deepest condolences via twitter this morning. Please pray for the families.

The Amazing Pomme De Terre State Park

Pomee De Terre A View from my tent

A Photo of the beach a Pomme De Terre

07/08/18-My family and I had a great trip to Pomme De Terre Which means Potato in French. There were some great hiking trails, and all kinds of things to do. It was 93 degrees everyday, so a good tip, might be to go when the weather is a little cooler. We also had some great burgers at the Marina, just down the way.