Little Hacienda-Branson Restaurant review-not great

Little Hacienda Branson Restaurant review

I’m a big fan of Mexican food, and a big fan of Branson. So I always hate it when a meal doesn’t work out the way I’d like.  But this one did not.

3375 Little Pete rd


#Decor-it had great design and furniture and even patio furniture

#Service was good, and people were nice.

#Great care was taken with appearance


#Recipees were complex, and just didn’t deliver

#Lots of sauces and topings that just didn’t go together. Highs and lows that just didn’t work together.

#no flavor really, to speak off.

Unfortunately, I won’t go back. I really wanted this to work, and have eaten at other vesions of this restaurant and they were good. This one looked a bit lonely at their new location. We shall see how the summer goes.