Something New for the old Branson Days Inn

Something New for the Old Branson  Days Inn

The old Days Inn Located at 3524 Keeter street, is headed in a new direction. Once thought to be condemned, this property may be on the mend. Spread out over 9 acres, this property is set to house over 900 Visa workers in the coming months. Rooms will be converted into small apartments, to take in these workers when they come to Branson.

I spoke yesterday with Law Enforcement, and they seemed optimistic about the coming project. And that a fence may be erected with a security gate around the property, to keep passerby’s out. Which sounded promising with our current situation with the homeless population of Branson.

The property had 422 rooms, with tons of ground floor rooms, and several building with elevator access. So we shall see what this massive project will turn into. Stay tuned!