whatever Happened to this sleeping Giant in Branson, Mo-Red Roof Mall

Whatever Happened to this sleeping Giant in Branson, Mo?

Sometimes it becomes an all to real scenario. One of your favorite shops goes out of business, or in this case a whole shopping mall.  Branson does Titanic size business, so sometimes Titanic size closings happen as well.  In it’s heyday this was an amazing place. Boasting over 100 stores, with layer upon layer, of retail magnificence, the red roof mall was…… well amazing. But sometimes new owners come, and the direction changes. And that’s exactly what happened here. So this place sat dormant for several years, until recently. When Ballparks of America agreed to come in and give it a go. And they’ve done a nice job renovating, and piecing together this sleeping Giant, into a napping Ogre. So when the Ballparks opens for the season it might be worth a look to stop by, and give it a gander, Branson style!

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