The Day Mickey Gilley’s Theater Burned down

The Day Mickey Gilley’s burned down

I was just a wee ladd, back in the day. But was shocked to come to work and learn that Mickey Gilley’s was on fire. That’s right on fire. I was working at Roy Clark Celebrity theater next door. During my tenure at Roy’s I did a host of things, like run the concession stand, do spotlight, stage hand stuff, and on and on. But that particular day, everything had stopped. As firetrucks had surround Gilley’s as smoke was coming out of the theater. The employees there had run amuck and were doing everything they could to get out of the building. Which luckily everyone made it out of there alive. Over the course of several months, it took to rebuild Gilley’s he came over and did his show at Roy’s. And the people just loved him. I remember him having a runway and coming right out to the people. It was awesome.